Tuesday, October 14, 2014

... sparked ... kindled ... ignited ...

This painting, as yet untitled, is part of my private collection.  It measures 36"x48"x1.5".  Click on it for a larger view.

There is a god in us who, stirring, kindles us.

~Ovid:  FaastiVI

The spark which is my true self is the flash of the Absolute recognizing itself in me.  This realization at the apex is a coincidence of all opposites ... a fusion of freedom and unfreedom, being and unbeing, life and death, self and non-self, man and God. The spark is not so much an entity which one finds, but an event, an explosion which happens as all opposites clash within oneself ... The purpose of all learning is to dispose man for this kind of event. The purpose of the various disciplines is to provide ways or paths which lead to this capacity for ignition.

~Thomas Merton

In a breakthrough, I find that God and I are both the same ... Love God as he is: a not-God, a not-spirit, a not-person, a not-image; as sheer, pure, limpid unity, free of all duality.

~Meister Eckhart


  1. I'm drawn to the lightness hovering over the dark hovering at the side and near the bottom. I see so many opposing forms and yet an overall unity of sorts too. Your quotes have me reading, and reading again, and then noticing how they marry to your piece of art. As always, am also pondering away. Thank you for "stirring," me so.

  2. I really like the painting, Bonnie. I think my favorite type of art is abstract work that contains a suggestion of something recognizable, albeit mysterious. I also like the quotes, particularly that of Meister Eckhart. The quote reminds me of Juilan of Norwich's assertion that we are not just made by God, but OF God.

  3. Thanks, Vicky. Pleased you enjoyed viewing the painting. As for the quotes, I don't always agree with every word of them but, like you, I use them to stir thought and reflection. While I know how much we are enriched by the past, I also wonder how much we are limited by unquestionned concepts and assumptions inherited from the past. These quotes ignite my curiousity.

  4. Thanks so much, George. Yes, Eckhart seems to be reminding us to pull back all the projections we push onto God, which often reduce God to a mirror image of ourselves with many of our ego emotions, judgments, neediness and desires to be special. What if God is not a bundle of human characteristics but 'simply' pure, dynamic, creative, eternal consciousness?


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