Monday, May 5, 2014

"So It Is With Any Truth"

"The truth you believe in and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new. Make friends with that clinging. Get to know it and it will let go by itself."
~Pema Chodron - When Things Fall Apart

"When you climb up a mountain, each cleft in the face gives you a toehold that enables you to lift yourself higher. But the minute you are higher, the cleft below becomes useless or irrelevant except as a marker. The next, higher place to put your foot is what you must search for now. So it is with any truth. If we cling to it, instead of using it to gain greater enlightenment, we remain in the same place."     
 ~Phyllis Theroux - The Journal Keeper


  1. each of these offers its own bit of truth...the first is is important we continue to soon as we hold truth, does it lose its power by our very definition of it? the second of progressing further into the truth...and in doing so isnt what we thought was truth before no longer true as we knew it?

  2. I really love this painting, Bonnie, and, while I always hesitate to interpret an abstract, the painting is evocative of the clefts in the mountain face that is Phyllis Theroux's metaphor.

    The wisdom here, of course, is undeniable. Discovered truths never possess the completeness and finality that we instinctively want to ascribe to them. Each truth is a vital stone in the mosaic, but the mosaic itself is always unfolding, always yielding new insights. Given the fact that 99% of the universe is either unknown or unknowable, I'm inclined to think that the most ardent truth-seekers will, at most, be graced with only a few hints and glimpses of the elusive Big Truth.

  3. Brian - Truth, as your comment suggests, is a very complex concept: "bit of truth", "half truth", "your truth/my truth", "divine truth", "absolute truth", "objective truth", "subjective truth", - a religion I was born into used to call current revelations "new truths" ....

    We need only look to science to see that what was once considered fact or truth can be discovered to be only partial, a stepping stone, or completely wrong.

    On a subjective level, we would all do well to frequently question/challenge our thoughts by asking "Is that really true?". Often it's not. As George says, what we and the world tell ourselves is usually partial at best.

    Thanks so much for your comment - which provoked more thought - and few definitive conclusions! :) This is true ... well, I think it's true ... for the moment ... :)

  4. George - Ahhh, you are such a wordsmith. Can I quote some of your cogent comments in future blogs?

    "... the mosaic itself is always unfolding, always yielding new insights." Let's not miss the new insights by clinging to inherited, conditionned, primitive, unexamined old beliefs (truths).

  5. So happy to see you pop up in my reader… and then completely smacked in the head with how much wisdom, I garner. Great food for thought- will definitely chew on this!

  6. Thanks Vicky - appreciate your comment!


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