Thursday, May 1, 2014

... just sitting ...

Just sitting mindfully is enlightenment.  ~Dogen Zenji

Your own consciousness, brilliant, void, 
and one with the Great Body of Radiance,
is not born nor does it die.  It is the unchanging light ...
~Tibetan Book of the Dead

When the human mind is calm and quiet,
like the North Star, not shifting,
the spirit is most open and aware.
For one who see this,
the celestial Tao is within oneself.
~Li Daoqun, Taoist Master

Coming in but not at the gate,
Going out but not by the door,
This body of mine
Is the land of serene light.
~Gyokko, Zen poet


  1. sitting mindfully....
    yes, i think that is a noble activity
    stilling yourself enough to hear the little things
    to notice the world turn under you...


  2. It's taken me a long time for me to accept that "calm and quiet" are the most desirable states one can find in life, perhaps because, paradoxically, desire does not exist in the realms of calm and quiet. After first opening my eyes this morning, I remained in bed for about twenty minutes just enjoying the silence and the softness of the light beginning to break through the windows. During those moments, it suddenly occurred to me, almost with a tinge of embarrassment, that I am beyond wanting anything more in life other than the experience of truly being present for whatever happens. Ambition and achievement have apparently flown south for the autumn of my life.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Brian.

  4. You are a fortunate man, George. To be free of desire ("ambition and achievement") equals freedom from disappointment and suffering. So many busy-making activities are about filling the void - not understanding that there is peace, pure presence and fulfilment to be found in the very void that we fear. The "tinge of embarrassment" is just the effort of the ego to re-assert old conditioning and erase ego-free presence. Your description of the first twenty minutes of your day sounds like bliss to me.

    After years of trying to accomplish some-thing and create meaning from trying to be some-body, what freedom to be able to do no-thing, desire no-thing and rest as no-body (pure being). My husband and I often joke with each other about being nobodies and delighting in it. :)

  5. What a terrific image, Bonnie! Beautiful.

  6. Yes , wonderful creation in pink conveys the serenity !

  7. Thanks, Evelyn. I'm sure you recognize the texture.

  8. Thank you, Leovi. Yes, serenity!

  9. I very much enjoyed your exchange, George and Bonnie.


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