Friday, April 11, 2014

Meet Mooji

Meet the loving, non-duality teacher "Mooji".


  1. These videos are wonderful, Bonnie! Again, this is someone who I had never heard of previously. That said, I find that Mooji has both great credibility and the ability to express himself lucidly. I also like the fact that he has a wonderful sense of humor. Most important, of course, I think his simple message is right on target. There is our "self portrait," the conditioned self that has been created by our culture and individual histories, and there is the deeper, authentic self, the witness that makes us aware of this existential conflict.

    Thanks so much for bringing this wise man to my attention. I plan to watch more of these enlightening videos.

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  3. You're so welcome, George. My husband and I often end the day by watching a Mooji video. He presents his message with such simplicity, love and humour. As I watch him I know I am seeing pure, radiant consciousness in action ... and now dare to believe I am that too.

    The third video really shows his sense of humour. Such a delight.

  4. what an easy voice to listen to...
    he is a good teacher...and he made me smile as well
    always a good quality....

  5. Yes Brian - he is always quite entertaining and I, too, love the purr of his voice, his twinkling eyes, beautiful smile ... and oh yes ... his message moves me too. :)


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