Monday, March 31, 2014

... still studying ...

"Brian Rutenberg Study"  ~  Bonnie Zieman

Having recently discovered the work of Brian Rutenberg, and loving it, I decided to try a painting in a similar style. While I fall far short of the caliber of his work, I still like the result of my effort to paint in a similar abstract landscape style.


  1. nice...lots of cool texture and color in it...
    i like....will have to check out his work

  2. I absolutely love this painting, Bonnie! Wonderfully composed and a real treat to both eye and heart.

  3. Bonnie - it has been too long since I have visited. You are now painting! I really like these. i will be back to take a look - it is late and I have to tuck my little one in bed. But I wanted to say I glanced at a few and I adore the vibrancy and energy of your paintings.

  4. bold and beautiful, strong style, I like it!!


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