Sunday, March 16, 2014

... a few thoughts ...

"Puzzled" by Bonnie Zieman

(click on image for larger view of NY Times Puzzle)

"Were we to love only those without imperfections,
this world would be a desert for our love."

~Thomas Jefferson

"Nothing is more injurious to immediate experience than cognition."

~Carl Jung

"We are dragged along by fate to that inescapable goal
that we might have reached walking upright."

~Carl Jung


  1. Very cool! He's looking rather (a)cross.. or perhaps he's just feeling a bit down. ;)

  2. Hilary:

    (giggle) Oh you're sharp!!! Bet you do a NY Times crossword in record time!

  3. love that TJ quote...we all have them...some just a bit more noticeable...i wonder if it makes us feel more in bringing them pic....


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