Friday, January 17, 2014

behold the universe

I am the eye with which the Universe
beholds itself and knows itself divine.

~Percy Bysshe Shelley


  1. Another beautiful image, Bonnie, and there is a great deal of wisdom in the quote, though one has to spend a little time with it, I think, to really appreciate what is being said. It reminds us that the eye through which we perceive our material selves is more truly who we are than what we perceive, and that our true identity is always intertwined with the timeless and universal. Wow, that sounds convoluted. I'll try to keep it simpler in future comments!

  2. and she is a beautiful one now isnt she...smiles.
    lovely to see your images again bonnie...nice layering...

  3. I won't try to tackle Shelley's quote, although I believe I have an idea of its meaning! This photo art is so beautiful ...color, design, detail.

  4. Beautiful Bonnie! These quotes are definitely something to ponder!


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