Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Beginning - 2014!

(The above piece of photo art is composed from a selfie, my custom-made textures, and two photographs of abstract portraits of other faces.  So there are elements of the image that are not truly 'me' (e.g. the nostrils).  You can see the components that went into the creation of this image by visiting my other blog Pixel Dust Photo Art.  The post that explains the image will be up from Thursday, January 2nd on that blog.)


  1. Such a lovely new start to a new Year Bonnie, and will look forward to seeing you... more often?? Am sitting here having a good time working on starting out my new Art Journal for this new year.... A whole blank book ahead. Hope that you will enjoy this new start. Hugs from Texas

  2. heya! happy new year! selfie was the word of 2013, did you know that? i have seen some cool play around the net with your filters...


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