Wednesday, February 29, 2012

... quotations that speak to me today ...

We are dragged along by fate to that inescapable goal that we might have reached walking upright.

~Carl Jung

Life is a very narrow bridge between two eternities.  Be not afraid.

~Rabbi Nachman of Braslav

When the resistance is gone, so are the demons.

~Pema Chodron

Must the threatened ego always be at the helm?

~Judith Brown

Every catastrophe invites us into the reign of love.
~Andrew Harvey


  1. Each of these quotations is quite wonderful, Bonnie, but the Jung quote resonates very deeply with me, perhaps because it nails down one of the escapable truths of our lives. We are on an uncertain journey of discovery, one in which we will be forced to encounter our worst fears and our brightest opportunities. Yes, we can resist and be dragged along, but it is so much better to walk upright—to say "yes" to life, to commit oneself to the mystical unfolding of everything. In my humble opinion, it's not about success, nor is it about traveling safely to a safe destination; it's about accepting the invitation to fully experience life in all of its myriad dimensions. The late William Sloane Coffin, a liberal theologian whom I admired, frequently repeated a quote from Iraneaus: "The glory of God is a human being fully alive!" I agree.

  2. the one about demons and resistance to me is a bit scary...if there is no resistance i often wonder if i am really accomplishing anything , you know?

    nice shot and some great quotes here..

  3. Thanks George. I always get a little excited when I see you have made a comment because I know I will learn even more about the topic. I will have to check out William Sloane Coffin, who is new to me.

  4. Brian - yes, being on the front lines of social intervention, I could see how that quote by Pema Chodron could seem to negate action (resistance) against injustice. I think Chodron is speaking to our inner resistance to psychological and spiritual development - suggesting when we stop resisting the pain of growth in our own realm - the demons both within and without seem much less threatening.

    Hope everyone pops over to read your amazing poem today at WaystationOne! Loved it!!

  5. Oh boy- do these ever speak to me today. I feel like I visit the essence of all of these daily... I struggle to remember to just surrender, and when I do just surrender- its so much more peaceful. I loved George's quote- fully alive. That is the gift on the other side of surrender and walking upright :) Okay, and now I must go to Brian's :) Thanks Bonnie- always a pleasure!

  6. Oh Vicky - I have never seen someone embrace 'what is' with more upright walking grace than you! But you are telling us that while it sounds simple, it is not easy and requires daily realignments, readjustments. As you say each day we have to renew our decision to surrender control, transcend fear and live fully with what life presents to us. You are one of my models for so doing.

  7. I liked the "life is a bridge between two eternities"...they all speak to me!!


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