Thursday, January 26, 2012

"...use any consequence..."

"Since no relationship can be made entirely safe and secure...
this has to mean trust in one's own ability to use any consequence,
including betrayal,
as a means for waking up."   

~Stephen T. Butterfield


  1. dang that is a pretty hard quote...maybe its the betrayal that is hard...but if that is what it takes to wake up...ugh...smiles...nice colors in your pic...

  2. ". . . use any consequence . . . as a means for waking up." Nine words that incorporate the great wisdom of the world. Allowing consequences to wake us up is the very axle upon which evolution, both biological and spiritual, spins.

  3. Since waking up is the goal here, it seems like entering a relationship with this kind of knowledge would make life a whole lot more interesting. Wondering how many times I have pulled back from relationships because I wanted "security", and to avoid using the tool of "use any consequence". You can see I'm not finished contemplating this great post! EFH

  4. HI.

    Oh my, this is powerful, very raw and honest. Having been woken by such I know the impact.
    Love Gail

  5. When one is reeling from the discovery of a betrayal, it is such a shock. But after the initial shock wears off, choosing to find the lesson is a better course than revenge, anger, and other negative courses of action. It takes a long time to realize you don't have to live in a highly reactive state...

  6. Wonderful quote, Bonnie. Has me sitting and thinking for sure about all relationships and having the wisdom to face that "wake up" call when it comes in order to understand the truth, grow, and remain positive while doing so. Love the "composite" image, also. It has one of your paintings underneath if I recall. Beautiful palette. Hugs from Alaska. Karen

  7. Hi Bonnie - Thank you for this amazing quotation. It has me pondering all relationships and facing that "wake up" call when it occurs - understanding with wisdom and grace, to grow in a positive and healing way to "face" again the consequences of trust. BTW - love your image/composite. I think I see your painting under there somewhere. Your choice of palette and so beautiful and rich with texture. Hugs from Alaska. Karen [PS - thought I sent a message, but it disappeared and there was not an indication that it was 'saved for approval."]

  8. Great quote and wonderful image!


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