Tuesday, January 24, 2012

... the marriage of well-being and Photoshop ...

I have been busy marrying my new-found (and still neophyte) skills in Adobe Photoshop with the knowledge and experience gained in over twenty years as a practicing psychotherapist.  The result is a series of posters that can be purchased and shipped to you from my store at Zazzle.

The posters can also be yours as a digital file.  This allows you to print the poster yourself - choosing the quality of paper, size and number of copies you want.  You can get more details about digital file downloads at my other blog, Pixel Dust Photo Art.

I'll share the other posters in the series as each is completed.  These posters are designed  as educational tools (one of my degrees is in adult education), and could be great tools in adult/adolescent learning and health care environments.
I'm excited about these posters, but it is easy to become so enamoured with your own creative work that you become blind to glaring flaws or oversights.  So  I would be grateful to receive your feedback!

Two of my new posters (one on defeating depression and one on conquering cancer) are available to you as FREE digital downloads.  Just check my sidebar and click on the image.


  1. this is an excellent poster bonnie...very cool what you are doing with both your talents...would def like this one...

  2. What a wonderful idea this is Bonnie.
    Truly creative!

  3. LOL! You obviously have more "props" to do this, but I had some of the same idea with my images and quotes!!!!!!!

    I'm actually thinking of printing post cards and selling them in Waikiki!!!! (Gotta do something, and looking for a 'job' at this point is just too depressing. Worked my way up to credible "professional" level (even published research). fired in a day over nothing and took a while to get back together, by then life, the economy, my contacts moved on. Thanks for listening , Doc Bonnie

  4. Best of luck with your new business venture!


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