Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Have you heard about Alejandro Junger, M.D. and his "Clean Program"?  I read his book, "Clean" a few months ago and it was both a great read and an amazing eye opener.  For instance, did you know that depression and intestinal health are 'intimately' connected?   Junger explains how our intestines (when healthy) make much of the serotonin required for mental/emotional stability.  Why had I never run across that information elsewhere in all my studies?!!

One of my daughters is following Junger's detox program right now.  The actress Gwyneth Paltrow talked about Dr. Junger and his Clean Program last week in her wonderfully information-rich blog, GOOP.  You can check out her January 5/12 blog/newsletter with the topic, "The Goop Cleanse", HERE.
Here's a three minute video from Dr. Junger's Clean Program Facebook site that you can watch to learn a little more about him and his approach.   If you are interested in eliminating the toxins in your diet and boosting your immune system for optimum health ... Clean is a good place to start.

As Dr. Junger likes to say when signing off, "Here's to your health!".


  1. interesting...i had not heard of this...will def be looking into it deeper bonnie...

  2. I remember a few months ago you were on a clean or detox diet. Is this the same one? I recall that it was pretty stringent. I don’t think I could follow something like that – I’d miss my French goat cheese and glass of red wine.

  3. Thanks, Bonnie. There's great wisdom here. I, for one, have long believed that much of our physical suffering, especially as we age, is self-inflicted. I also believe that cleaning up the body is a good way to begin cleaning up the spirit.

  4. You know I will check it out- thanks for the post about it and the links!

  5. I've heard of different "cleanse" programs. The video was interesting; I just don't like the idea of being on this for 21 days, purchasing shakes and pills. There are so many different ideas out there, I feel bombarded with them - I am trying to sort through them all!


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