Thursday, December 15, 2011

'Tis The Season

It's a grey, blustering, unseasonably warm day in Montreal today.  I've set aside a good portion of today for gift wrapping. 

While I love shopping downtown at night to enjoy all the glitter and glam of Christmas decorations, have to admit that this year I did a lot of my shopping online.  It's so easy to click that little "Add To Cart" button and wait for the goods to be delivered.  Is it just me or are the shipping fees becoming astronomical?!!!  One purchase I made online was for about $60, and then I learn that the shipping charges are $70!!!  Hmmm - don't think so ...   From New York to Montreal is not that far even if you do cross a border!

The above image was created in Photoshop from a street photograph taken in late summer, in daylight.  With the addition of one of my textures and some digital processing I tried to make it look like a nighttime Christmas shopping scene ...   Hope you like it.

How do you acquire the gifts you want to give at Christmas?  Do you make your own?  Do you brave the traffic and crowds to shop in stores?  Do you let your fingers do the shopping on your keyboard?  A combination of all of the above?   However you proceed, may your holiday gift preparations be as stress-free and joyful as is possible.  :)

If you find yourself feeling a little blue or melancholy during the holiday season, please download my free digital poster file "Strategies To Defeat Depression".  Just click on the image on my sidebar and you will link up with the post offering the download.


  1. Your art piece is so warm, merry and bright. Captures the mood even if you took the shot in summer! That was a surprise as I thought surely it had been taken at night with Christmas lights ablaze. And I'm simply reeling over that shipping charge! I made a couple purchases online and am glad I didn't run into anything similar. I always enjoy gift wrapping, and I have the feeling you probably do to. Have fun getting in the holiday spirit!

  2. Stickup Artist: Thanks re image. The hanging potted plants do pass pretty well for an xmas tree. So much we can fabricate in this digital age!

    The high shipping fees are due, I'm sure, because of shipping to Canada - but really! It stings after always getting free shipping from dear old Amazon.

    I do enjoy gift wrapping ... especially if I've planned well enough that it is not rushed.

    So happy you popped by!

  3. very cool pic street scenes...and love all the added color in this as well...i hope that you have a fabulous holiday with those that you love...i try to stay out of the mess as much as possible...

  4. This is beautiful Bonnie!
    I did most of my shopping online also. so much easier, but you are right, the shipping costs have gone up tremendously.

  5. It brightens my happy mood to see a post from you!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  6. When shopping online, I try to stick with if I can. They're very good about free shipping for the most part. Bonnie, I'm wondering if Ogilvy's still does their magical Christmas windows each year?

  7. And I meant to add that your lovely artwork made me think of the Ogilvy store window.

  8. Beautiful header image, Bonnie. Your digital images continue to stun my eye. As for the Christmas gifts, my practice is to avoid the issue as long as possible. If I'm lucky, my wife will intercede, which is fine because she enjoys shopping and buying things a great deal more than I.

  9. Hi Bonnie,

    what a gorgeously colourful photo; very christmassy indeed. Much better than real shop windows.

    My Christmas shopping is very modest; I given and receive, small items only, bought in a variety of ways. I admit to having done a lot of book and music shopping online.

  10. I think photoshop will be a christmas gift to myself this year. I enjoy so much your images!

  11. Sorry to be so late to visit. I've been sick. Your image cheered me up - it's interesting that it was originally a day scene as you have captured the night life during the holiday season.

    I try to do most of shopping locally to support independent booksellers and small shop keepers in our town or in our state. Online shopping has a hidden cost and it's not just shipping. Local business pay taxes and contribute to community building, at least that's how it works in the US. Still, I do shop online for what I can't find locally.

    Happy Holidays!


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