Thursday, December 1, 2011

... time, the construct ...

Today we enter the last month of 2011.  I have the sense of time speeding by and observe myself experiencing sadness at its passing.  Must be my ego sensing its demise - yet somewhere inside I know that time is but a construct of the fragile, insecure mind - that if I stop and pause I can reconnect with the eternal present moment. 

Why does my hard-fought-for inner knowing elude the grasp of my everyday mind?  I think I would have to live as a monk - contemplative - no hurry - no worry - present - aware - in order to dwell in the knowing of the eternal moment.  I can always find my way back to that moment, but I cannot claim I abide there ... yet.

When I create art whether with pencil, brush or digital editing I often enjoy a fleeting sense of the eternal.  Here are two variations of a collage of digital edits of a public domain painting by Degas:

 Time and space are but ... colors which the eye makes, but the soul is light.  ~Emerson 

Man is a synthesis of the infinite and the finite, the temporal and the eternal, freedom and necessity.
~Soren Kierkegaard

After a lifelong struggle, I know that what matters is not to learn a new description
but to arrive at the totality of oneself.
~Carlos Castaneda

As I rest in the pure and simple witness, I am no longer moved to follow the bliss and the torture of experiential displays.  Experiences float across my original face like clouds floating across the clear autumn sky, and there is room in me for all.
~Ken Wilber


  1. I like both of these Bonnie, with and without the colour.

  2. A wonderful mix of art, quotes and reflections. It's too warm to be December in Maine but I'm not complaining.

  3. i dont abide there yet either...dont know i ever will always but...

    i like the first one...

  4. I remember reading a passage by a zen practitioner who said, after practicing for almost 30 years, that even after attending a retreat for a week, upon re-entering normal day to day life, it was as if he forgot everything he knew! I guess that is how bombarded and overwhelmed we are by contemporary society and culture. Your homage to Degas is a lovely expression of the spirit of his painting (and sculpture), and I'm sure he'd be pleased!

  5. Awesome...the art and the words! Thanks


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