Monday, December 5, 2011

...clutching my map...

I ask myself:


  1. profound...nature has a rhythm we have strayed far from...

  2. So true! We forget how much a part of nature we are, so we force our "map" to go in directions that aren't natural.

    Btw, dahling, you won over here on my blog give-a-way! I guess I pulled those jewelry wires just right, heh?


  3. Insisting on our forms, our ways, our well-designed maps . . . Isn't this "the fall" to which the myths point? Perhaps enlightenment, if it's available to we mortals, is simply this: acceptance of ourselves as formless and mapless.

  4. thanks for the reminder!

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  5. We like to think of ourselves as having direction, I suppose. Nicely presented, Bonnie.

  6. Well, when its put like that... hmmm, yes why must we? Out of curiosity, how do you answer this Bonnie? Are we mere creatures of habit and comfort? Thanks for stirring me, its a pleasure as always :)

  7. I've enjoyed reading your comments re Haven Trevino's quote. He has written a little book called the Tao of Healing. He wrote it while in the last stages of the disease ALS. A profoundly moving and inspiring little book.

    Vicky - In answer to your question, I did not really see it as a question that I needed to answer, but as a prompt reminding me to let go of all my ideas about how things should unfold or proceed. So I have been asking myself frequently, when I find myself rigidly hanging on to my idea of how life should evolve, "Why do I cling and limit myself to my little map?" - hopefully prompting me to drop my map and open my vision to other possibilities. Getting caught in trying to find the answer to 'why' questions can become an exercise in intellectualization - when what is needed is awareness and movement - not always understanding. I could produce a list of reasons that justify my need for my 'maps', but so much more is accomplished if I move past my reasons and just take the action of dropping the map .... (over and over again :)

  8. Dear Bonnie, if we had the answer to that question we'd maybe be able to loosen our grip and go gently.

  9. Now I must go check out the book, and thank you for your reflection- yes, its a great prompt-- let go of the map-- and yes that need to intellectualize too is in a way another map that I personally cling to. Thank you my friend- you've helped me see and appreciate the "unchartered" direction I find myself navigating :)

  10. Why indeed. I am just now reading a book that a friend lent me by Richard Bandler where he claims that the will to cling to the familiar is even greater than the will to live. There might be something to that...

  11. Hi, Bonnie,
    Thank you for the wonderful work and interesting posts.
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
    Please take care and take it easy.
    Best wishes,Sadami


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