Tuesday, November 29, 2011

...return to wholeness...


  1. nice..the choice to love is one we make moment by moment..but makes all the difference...

  2. HI Bonnie - yes, love, love love - Hallelujah!
    Love Gail

  3. Amen, sistah! Love, and allowing, is a good thing. And something we all need!

  4. As always Bonnie, you share with us wonderful words to absorb and enjoy. I love the works you have been doing lately with textures and abstracts. You are a very deep thinker and creative soul.

  5. Yes, viewing love as a 'choice' reminds us how so many of our feelings, thoughts and emotions can be chosen or rejected. Sure, we often can't help being buffeted this way and that by them - they can seem to come from nowhere sometimes, and overwhelm us - but we can learn the ability to stand back from them, assess them, evaluate them, choose ultimately how to react to them and how to deal with them. I try to do this - not always successfully - and it's a great 'escape valve'. It's like the real "Buddhist' me who stands on the riverbank watching the river of thought, feeling and emotion stream by, looking at it with a certain humour and detachment, slightly apart.


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