Monday, October 17, 2011

... when the crutches are broken ...

A couple of pieces of digital art, and some quotations written in my agenda in the last week.  Words to remind me, words to guide me,  words to inspire me to right thought and right action.  I hope these quotations prove helpful for you too.

The voice of the divine in us
is counterpoised not by the voice of the devil,
but by the voice of fear.

~Abraham Maslow

There is no enlightened being,
only fully enlightened actions

~Shunryu Suzuk

Only when all the crutches and props are broken ...
and there is no hope for security,
does it become possible to experience ...

~Carl Jung

When you argue with reality,
you lose;
but only 100% of the time.

~Byron Katie


  1. I love the special effects on that first photo! Great quotes, btw!

  2. The digital art piece is truly exquisite- so bold and vibrant, its one I can see something new in every time I go back to look at it... beautiful work. The Jung quote is drawing me in and causing me to pause and reflect...

    Thanks for sharing Bonnie :)

  3. haha only 100 % of the time...smiles. like that maslow quote...and as always love the art...

  4. Wonderful colors and form. Beautiful work.

  5. When the crutches are broken!!!!! So true!! Loved all the quotes! Especially that one.
    Time to experience life without all the props!!'

  6. Ah, yes, when the crutch is broken..........thanks for pointing that out.....easy to forget.

  7. You know I love these photos, Bonnie, with the hot pink and purple!

    Any quote by Byron Katie stops me for a moment. It seems the words you post quite often fill me at the right time...


  8. I like that enlightened action quote especially.

  9. I love the Maslow quote -- it's one I haven't seen before.

  10. That last image is just stunning.


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