Monday, October 10, 2011

Are you ready for a great giveaway?

Autumn is here in Eastern Canada in all its colourful glory.  These are a few photographs of the showy display on our property.  The yellow leaves are taking centre stage right now, but it won't be long before the red leaves will demand top billing.

The beauty, truth, hope and consolation offered by nature in every season always puts me in the mood to read some of the works of the late John O'Donohue.  His book Beauty: The Invisible Embrace has been a loyal companion of mine for several years now.

When John O'Donohue was lost to us with his untimely death a couple of years ago, I went out and bought several copies of Beauty: The Invisible Embrace.  Some to give away as gifts to honour O'Donhue's memory and a couple to keep as insurance that I would never find myself without access to the wisdom and comfort of this exceptional man.  It boggled my little mind that there would be no more books of his to anticipate and savor.


You can imagine my surprise when the publishing house, Harmony Books, a division of Random House contacted me wanting to send me O'Donohue's about-to-be released book to review.  Since I have published a few different posts on this remarkable man and his wisdom they new I would be an eager recipient and reviewer of this new collection of John's writings. John's older brother Pat has compiled some of the unpublished writings left behind by John into a new book entitled, Four Elements: Reflections on Nature.  In it John O'Donohue writes in praise of fire, water, air and earth with both prose and poetry. 

O'Donohue uses his intimate relationship with nature to explore the difficult questions of life, to seek meaning, to offer inspiration and always, always ... to re-awaken hope in those of us who have succumbed to despair when viewing the sorry state of much of the world.

As a visitor of this blog, you must surely be a lover of nature and someone for whom this book would be of interest.  Harmony Books has given me one new hardcover book to offer here as a giveaway!  (This hardcover version sells for $24.00 in the USA, and $27.00 in Canada.) 

If you are interested in receiving this new, hardcover release, Four Elements: Reflection on Nature, all you need do is leave a comment here so indicating.  Make sure that I can access your e-mail address to let you know you are the lucky recipient!

The winner of John O'Donohue's new book will be announced here Thursday, October 13th at 8:00 p.m. EST.   I will get your co-ordinates and Harmony Books will mail you the copy hot off the press. 

(This giveaway has unfortunately been limited to Canada and the United States.  Regrets to those of you who live outside of these two countries.)


  1. Wonderful colors in your tree shots. Beautiful done !
    I know the author of the book. I will looking for this book in German language. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I have found your writings to be very insightful and appreciate the time you take to share your knowledge. Please enter my name in the draw. I would love to be the lucky winner.

  3. Beautiful pics, Bonnie. We're leaving to go to the cottage for a few days and I hope to see and take photos of more of the same. This is a very generous giveaway. It sounds like a great book. Please count me in.

  4. Oh, fall and John O' Donohue, so much beauty!

    I "met" John O'Donohue here on your blog, and went out and purchased Anam Cara. I have this quote over my desk:

    “If you send out goodness from yourself, or if you share that which is happy or good within you, it will all come back to you multiplied ten thousand times. In the kingdom of love there is no competition; there is no possessiveness or control. The more love you give away, the more love you will have.”

    I am so grateful to you for the introduction!

  5. Oh, Bonnie, I would very very interested in reading it.

  6. I am in Bonnie! Count me in! =)

  7. Oh my goodness! I'm glad I got here just in time! Count me in please :)

  8. Beautiful Fall photos AND John O'Donohue today?!?! Fabulous! I'm already a winner reading your blog, Bonnie, and I'd sure love to be a winner for John's book =-)


  9. I'm in....sounds like a great book! my email is

  10. Nice pictures with exceptional color these leaves, deliciously autumnal.

  11. Love the shot of the leaves on the tree...the orange and yellow. I bet when the red comes in it's just gorgeous. Even though I've never read any of his books, from what I've read, I'm really missing out. So put my name in the hat please :D

    Bright blessings,

  12. Hi, Bonnie. So nice to visit you, and such serendipity. Please throw my entry in the pot. I'm sure I would love to read John O'Donohue, and I will go to my library web site right now to get started. Pick me, I'm Irish!

  13. Catherine in CarolinaOctober 13, 2011 at 12:34 PM

    Nature is my religion, my balance, my connection to who I am. Love your blog, your pictures, your wisdom. Thank you!

  14. What gorgeous leaves! It looks like your autumn has come late too, just like ours. That's a wonderful tribute to your lost friend. I won't enter the drawing as my TBR stack is huge and I prefer fiction to essays.

  15. I would be totally THRILLED FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF WINNING THIS BOOK. It looks awesome, and how i do love nature and writing about nature. What a neat giveaway! Keeping my fingers, and toes crossed that it is me that wins. my email just in case is Thanks for this great opportunity


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