Saturday, August 20, 2011

... all in an afternoon ...

Hi Everyone - hope you are enjoying your weekend.  The weather is simply gorgeous up here in the Montreal area and I want to finish this post so that I can get outside and enjoy it! 

DH is already on the golf course and apart from his golf buddy coming back to regale me with a hole by hole lament, we have no guests for supper tonight - SO with no entertaining prep to do, I can indulge myself in doing whatever I want.  Ah - what luxury!

Last weekend while en route to my daughter's condo in The Plateau area of Montreal, we stopped in Old Montreal so that I could get a few photographs.  As I went through the lot of photos, I noticed that I had several of different modes of transportation that I saw that afternoon.  Let me share them with you.

The quintessential 'caleche' taking tourists down the cobblestone streets in the old section of the city.

And, of course, just to prove they can travel in both directions AND also on paved streets ...

Giant, bright buses bringing more tourists in to enjoy our cosmopolitan city.

Another giant, bright bus.  Can you guess what is the claim to fame for this monstrosity?  After a little tour around Old Montreal streets, this bus drives straight into the St. Lawrence River for a little boat tour.  Yes, it is an amphibious vehicle.  Frankly, I prefer to keep my wheels on the pavement.

This mode of transport seems to be getting this fellow nowhere fast!

Perhaps he is happy to sit and imagine himself being chauffered around in the Rolls Royce parked in front of this exclusive boutique hotel.

What is that red reflection in the grill of the Rolls Royce?

A little red Ferrari, of course.  Oh, oh - did I spell it correctly?  Forgive my ignorance, but what is a mustang doing on the back of a Ferrari?

Then there are those of us who are a little less into an ostentatious display of our means and a little more green when it comes to our mode of transportation.  Is the man in the doorway, blushing because of something he said to the pretty biker, or something she said to him?

I think this is another Ferrari, of the white variety, but you can correct me in your comments if I am wrong.

And, of course, somebody has to maintain order and safety on the streets with all these vehicles!

Last, but not least, this looks like a sports car but is actually a motorbike.  See how it has only one wheel in the back?  Don't quote me, but I think I overheard my DH say they are made here in Montreal.  But we Montrealers do like to claim that everything great is made, done or seen here.  ;)  Don't you do that with your town, city, country too?

Have a fabulous rest of the weekend, no matter how you travel. 
And travel safely!


  1. HI BONNIE - this is a wonderful post. The pictures are amazing and I was brought back to our fun vacation in Montreal. :-)
    Love Gail

  2. that last one is really cool...had never seen one of those...and the horse and buggy is a cool and romantic way to get that stature though...had great lines...

  3. Did you really find all these wonderful modes of transport in one walk? I like the bike best and the young girl riding it. There's style!

  4. I forgot you had this blog!!! Delightful images. All of them seem 'cool' opposed to my city images of a midday sun. Love them!

  5. Ahh Bonnie, you make me homesick for my native city. I knew right off the bat that there would have to be at least one image of a caleche and you didn't disappoint. Wonderful photos one and all but my favourite is the bike rider.

  6. :-)
    Interesting post and walk trough your town...
    Trough "humanity" too...
    Greetings from France,



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