Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...tips for staying cool...

Is it hot enough for you?   What an unbelievable heat wave in the central and southern States!  We've had a beautiful July in the northeast - while hot and sunny, still falling within the range of what one would expect for summer.  The weather channels say the heat wave is moving this way.  Seems we will all get our turn frying eggs on the pavement.

Do you have any tips for staying cool?  We are blessed with air conditionning, but when I was a kid growing up with a single mom in a tiny apartment we had to improvise ways to stay cool during extraordinary heat. 

One way my mother improvised was to use cold wet (well wrung-out) tea towels and wrap them around our arms and legs while lying in bed.  She would make sure the cold towels covered as many pulse points as possible.  She claimed it would cool the blood as it travelled through our body.  If we were willing, she would also cover our bare belly, thighs and groin area with cold tea towels.  When they first hit your body it is a bit of a shock, but it was heaven once the shock was over.

Another way was while watching television, we would each have our own bucket/bowl of cold water in which we would immerse our feet.   I can still recall the full body relief that provided.

And what about you?  What do you do to keep yourself and your family comfortable in such intense heat?  Wouldn't it be great if your tip affords some relief for even one of our blogging buddies?


  1. ha...nice trik on the bucket...need to try that...we did the towels as well...mom made us a cool bath as our swimming pool when we had none...

  2. HI BONNIE. I am very blessed to have A/C especially since my health cannot tolerate the heat and is actually dangerous for me and can cause a relapse.
    But I recall growing up without A/C, just like you. My Mom would lower all the shades to keep the days heat and sun out and it would keep our house cooler that way. Also, she would rub cold cloths on our wrists and the back of our necks to cool us and it worked. :-)

    I am home bound these days - thank God it is so peaceful here and life-giving.
    Love Gail

  3. Morning Bonnie!!! WEll..I would suggest a trip out to the NW..where we have had a VERY Cool summer. My poor tomatoes are really sad! But the weather..heaven!
    One thing we do here...we make neck coolers. A two inch tube - fabric..filled with a anything that will hold water. I use fat cording ..soak it in water..wring out a bit and freeze. Heaven on the neck when it is hot!!!
    How are ya hon??
    Hugs, Sarah

  4. We have a/c in our trailer, but it just can't keep up when the temps are in the high 90's, with a heat index of 100! Then it's in the 80's in the trailer, but still a whole lot better than being outside. I keep the shades drawn and tend to stay in my bedroom....that's the coolest place besides the bathroom! Ha Ha! Stay cool!

  5. I cannot tell you how annoying it is to read this Bonnie - it is cold here with torrential rain and I am sitting at my computer in a winter sweater!!! Please send some of your warm weather over here (not too much though.)

  6. Thank you, Bonnie for the lilac/lavender and your always helpful words.

    Your blog is beautiful but a bit difficult to read....FYI

    fondly with Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


  7. Ah, those images felt good! My favorite way to stay cool is taking a dip in the ocean every day. We can only do that at high tide, but it’s only 4 miles away. I only have air conditioning in my office and in 2 of our bedrooms. A big window fan is fine for most nights in Maine. Cooking and eating outside on the hottest days helps too. Walking around Italy in the heat, we cooled down by putting our wrists under the public fountains. That helps cool your whole body.

  8. Shade, a plastic baby pool and a garden hose... A trip to the lake is better, but when we were kids, very rare.

  9. Evian spray, fruit popsicals, a gorgeous crystal jug of ice water filled with thin slices of strawberries, lemon, orange and cucumbers, running through the sprinklers, a dip in the lake then sunning yourself.

    Hope you are staying cool. :)


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