Monday, July 18, 2011

...powerful emotions...

We must let go of pain.  Ideally, by entering into it we become able to breathe so much freedom from within the pain that the deepest letting go can truly occur.  For this to happen, the naming of the pain, the letting it be pain for a while, is essential.

~Matthew Fox



Let yourself be in the emotion.  Go through it, give into it, experience it ... Then the most powerful energies become absolutely workable rather than taking you over, because there is nothing to take over if you are putting up no resistance.

~Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

I am linking these collages with "Mosaic Monday"
hosted by Mary of The Little Red House.


  1. Hi Bonnie
    Popped over from Mary's Mosaic Monday and was delighted by your post.
    The mosaics are wonderful, very intrigueing but the quotes resonated the most deeply and were just what I needed to hear.

  2. Beautiful hydrangea the different techniques.

  3. Gorgeous mosaics! And while pain is mentioned here, I think I am finding that in a way joy as the emotion is equally as powerful, and I wonder if we resist joy sometimes as well? I am working on truly sitting with it and it seems to have a spill over effect :)

  4. Maggie: Thank you for visiting. I'm glad the quotes were (are) helpful.

  5. black-eyed susan: Thank you.

  6. Vicky: You make such an important point. If we do not love and accept self, it could very well be that we would resist our own joy - not feeling deserving of it.

    In the discipline of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is based on tapping on acupuncture points along the various body meridiens, they suggest that when we experience joy or bliss, we tap gently on the third eye (middle of the forehead) to help imbed the joy in our body/mind/spirit. There is, of course, no way to scientifically proove whether it works or not - yet, but I find it at least makes me rest for a moment in the joy, appreciate it and consciously absorb it.

    All our emotions need to be felt and honored and then we move into the next emotion ... and the next ... all informing us how we are experiencing ourselves and our world. So simple, but not always easy. It takes some practice.

    Thank you for making that point Vicky!

  7. HI BONNIE - beautiful images - so calm and natural. And I so understand the benefit of facing the pain, the joy, the sorrow, the miracle the everything. I stay long enough in whatever so that 'it' is part of me - it is me, and all of it is valuable and lovable. Amen.
    Love Gail

  8. Beautiful images and intriguing words, especially in light of what we're going through here right now.

  9. lovely progression of pics bonnie...and some powerful quotes there...i try not to live in but gleen what i can from any experience...good or otherwise...

  10. Your hydrangea collages are striking. In my garden is a very large hydrangea, just this colour. If only my little camera could capture such detail(assuming I had the eye).

  11. Your photography is wonderful and esp. since the subject is so lovely. I love hydrangeas in all colors but you just can't beat the white. Kathy


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