Wednesday, July 20, 2011

... parallel worlds ...

Sojourns in the Parallel World

We live our lives of human passions,

cruelties, dreams, concepts,

crimes and the exercise of virtue

in and beside a world devoid

of our preoccupations, free

from apprehension--though affected,

certainly, by our actions. a world

parallel to our own though overlapping.

We call it "nature";  only reluctantly

admitting ourselves to be "nature" too.

Whenever we lose track of our own obsessions,

our self-concerns, because we drift for a minute,

an hour even, of pure (almost pure)

response to that insouciant life:

cloud, bird, fox, the flow of light, the dancing

pilgrimage of water, vast stillness

of spellbound ephemerae on a lit windowpane,

animal voices, mineral hum, wind

conversing with rain, ocean with rock, stuttering

of fire to coal - then something tethered

in us, hobbled like a donkey on its patch

of gnawed grass and thistles, breaks free.

No one discovers

just where we've been, when we're caught up again

into our own sphere (where we must

return, indeed, to evolve our destinies)

--but we have changed, a little.

~Denise Levertov

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  1. just, a little. smiles. nice verse and excellent art with the pic...

  2. cloud-bird-fox!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  3. Bonnie! The word Sojourner is in the title of this lovely poem. Please may I share this with my readers too?
    My blog title is Sojourner!

  4. Oh yes, the first nasturtium photo is amazing!

  5. Love the window as a backdrop in the 2nd photo, Bonnie. Awesome! :)

  6. Very lovely... words and images. And I love your new blog layout.

  7. Love the poem, Bonnie, and the images are wonderful! The first image is just stunning!

  8. As I was reading this I was thinking how very close the word nature is to and the same thing...

  9. I think the verse is wonderful, what really struck me was the photo art. Gorgeous. I enjoy my visits here.

  10. The world Levertov describes is a world we enter only too rarely, but when we do, we are blessed indeed.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful images, love them. I agreed with your comments on Cloudia's blog, I think most people in the outside world are watching in disbelief.

  12. Those photos are really, really cool - like paintings!


    This Good Life

  13. Bonnie, both of these are truly magnificent! I especially love the first one. Such a beautiful color combination.

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a great day!


  14. These photos are really amazing!

  15. magnificent captures and love the words.. hope your day is kind and soft..

  16. Stunning, awesome, magnificent,gorgeous, beautiful, ALL of the above! Love them both, but the color and artistry of the first one grabbed me. Lovely words as well.

  17. Very beautiful and inspiring!


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