Saturday, July 16, 2011

...not another pretty flower...

Sometimes you just have to post something other than pretty flowers!  I created this image from brushes, textures and images in my archives.  I have purposely not tried to decipher what this might represent for me, if anything.   I just play with what is available to me and shake my head and giggle at what emerges.

What, if anything, do you take from this piece?  (Click on the image to enlarge it.)


  1. I feel it is a breakup. Shattered relationship.

  2. oh this is a delicious image...reminds of the ones wee wrote about...there is def a story in there...smiles.

  3. She's caught in a net ready to go with the tool of her trade, the scissors, readily available, as the man walks way rejecting her.

  4. incredibly fantastic! i love it. :)
    well done.

    you're very creative!!

    hope you're having a great weekend!


  5. The scissors are quite central to the "story" although they are not the first thing I notice. He is walking away... She seems resigned to his going, really. The "broken glass" is interesting.... There is a story here - maybe you should do a monthly prompt! :)

  6. It's a fascinating piece! ... we're all connected somehow.

    Have a happy day Bonnie. :)

  7. Lovers. Love fading, both looking for a way out. Man walking away, woman may be self-destructing.

  8. What a great image you have created! I love the texture of it, the depth.
    I feel such energy from it, too ! It feels as though the woman is dancing as fast as she can, but he's still walking away, finding his way out.

    How much we must project into art!

    Beautiful work, Bonnie!

  9. Everyone: Thank you for your interesting comments. So much fun to hear what others see in your work!

    As yet, no one seems to have noticed (or at least mentionned noticing) that the man is walking in the headspace of another woman (in profile) ... hmmmm ...

  10. ...I see it now! Yes, there is a story or poem that goes with this! If I wasn't SO BUSY with the kids and summer! :)

  11. HI BONNIE - oh my, how intense. She is so sad and he walked away. She is waiting. hoping he will turn around.
    Love Gail


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