Friday, July 8, 2011


My friend, the kind and incredibly talented Brian Miller of WaystationOne has included three of my digital images in his "Friday Poetically with Brian Miller" at One Stop Poetry.  Thank you Brian - for thinking of me. 

Participants in Friday Poetically with Brian Miller are asked to use one of the images as inspiration (Brian calls it 'artspiration') for a poem.  It's been very interesting to read all the diverse interpretations that can come from one piece of work.  If you want to enjoy some great poetry or include your own poem in the link-up, hop right on over to One Stop Poetry. 

If you have not yet been enjoying the daily poetry of Brian Miller at WaystationOne, you must click on the link and check it out.  You will not be disappointed.  His poems and prose are exquisitely crafted, topical, relevant and always cut to the heart of any matter.  I cannot go without my daily dose of Brian!


  1. aww shucks...**blush**....thank you bonnie, this has been a lot of fun to see what others see in your work...just posted mine and i am sure we will have many more by the end of the day....

  2. Ohh, I'll bet there will be some pretty interesting/amazing poems to come out of this! What a great synergy between your art and Brian's words- can't wait to go and see!!

  3. Oh very cool. And a great coupling - you and Brian, for sure. I know this without even seeing it yet. But I'm going to head on over right now. That's a fine piece of art.

  4. thanks for the photo prompts, really enjoyed them.

  5. I loved Brian's interpretation of your digital collage. So moving!! I love Brian's work all the time!!

  6. Fascinating image, Bonnie -- and I'll pop over right now.


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