Saturday, June 25, 2011

...sometimes I need to remind myself...

"Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are your own fears."

~Rudyard Kipling

(Do you see the word "liar" in the image?)


If you use textures in your digital photo editing,
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 hosted by my friend, the talented Nancy at A Rural Journal
 I have it on good authority that she is hosting a giveaway of
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  1. So, so true, Bonnie, but the Liar remains with us much of the time.

  2. great art bonnie...and tight question...yes our internal voice is not always the best to listen to...

  3. So true, some of our darkest fears turn out to be lies we tell ourselves and believe they come from a place of substance. I am learning to be an observer of my thoughts.

    Sorry, this is my first chance to stop by since I've been out sick with stomach flu all week. Take care. Mila

  4. Visually, it's stunning! I think I'm understanding the message. Most of all, I like the organic, cellular feel of this tableau...

    Thanks for sharing. Have a happy Sunday.

    P.S. Appreciate your visits and insightful comments. My favorite Japanese Tree Peony also, the Kinkaku, lemony vanilla fragrance. Heavenly!


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