Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...a little magic...


"Contained in this short Life
Are magical extents..."

~Emily Dickinson

(The above image was digitally created with three copyright-free images from the Web.)


If you use textures in your digital photo editing,

check out Your Sunday Best, a photo challenge

hosted by my friend, the talented Nancy at A Rural Journal.

I have it on good authority that she is hosting a giveaway of

a great collection of thirty-six textures!


  1. this is really cool...very fairy tale-ish or fantasy...really cool bonnie...hope you have a great day...

    need to send you an email on something...

  2. I have not got into these photo programmes - I really must make an effort as the results are so lovely.

  3. Wow! I'm going back through your recent work and am truly in awe of this amazing work you are doing. So creative and each one seems to express a different value, a different feel or look. Does your work reflect your mood at all? The textures with the peonies are just exquisite and some of my favorites of yours!!

  4. Cool! I like the both the texture AND the images!

  5. This captures my heart. As a girl (and early married years) I had a very beloved white cat with green eyes named Casper. This is very sweetly done.

  6. I like the antique and weathered look of this tableau a lot. It really enhances the symbolism and message of this piece. Thanks for sharing. Ken


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