Thursday, May 19, 2011

where healing happens

The forest is the place where things begin to turn and grow again ...
If there is a point where life is reduced to nothing,
go completely into nature ...
In the supreme moment of loneliness and sadness
activity begins in the unconscious.
That is when healing happens,
always by nature,
not by doing something special.

~Marie-Louise Von Franz

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  1. Hi Bonnie - so true, so deeply and profoundly true. Beautiful words and image. I am so inspired here, with you. "Thank you". For years I have healed through my feet - when I walk barefoot in my brook I am relieved of all sorrow. It started when I was eleven and after the teacher hurt me. As I walked home, hurting, I knew (from God) to take off my shoes and walk barefoot - the grass and earth distracted me as I felt the earth on my feet I was comforted, somehow I was relieved. So yes,nature heals. Amen.
    Love to you

  2. Gail: Thank you for sharing how you have felt healed in nature. There really is something powerful, energetic, healing, primal about walking barefoot on Mother Earth. Nice to know "she" is always there to comfort, soothe and inspire.

  3. Nature has always been the most potent form of healing for me, as well as the Sea...WOW! What a gorgeous photograph - the green is unbelievable!

  4. Wow, explosive and refreshing green. The quote just brings it to life in a whole other way! Nature-nurture-heal :)

  5. Antique Paperie: Oh yes, let's never forget the Sea - water ...

    I love the green too. It's a texture I'm giving away on my other blog that made it pop like that.

  6. Vicky: That says it all, "nature, nurture, heal".

  7. love the brilliant green in this...i love nature and going to the forest...


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