Saturday, May 7, 2011 shooting...

These shots were taken while driving along the Richelieu River (near our home) which drains out of Lake Champlain in New York State and into the St. Lawrence River which drains out to the Atlantic Ocean. 

It feels as if it has been raining forever here in the NorthEast.  April, and now May, have been unseasonably cool, overcast and rainy.  This has resulted in major problems for anyone who lives by the water.  We have many roads closed in the region, families forced to evacuate their homes, businesses closed and in ruins.  Retaining walls, docks, dinghys, logs, etc. are visible floating down river having broken free from their moorings due to the force of the water.  These shots were snapped as we drove through our neighborhood in the rain - mouths agape at the plight of so many homeowners. 

We, fortunately, live on higher ground overlooking the river and have been spared the work, worry and financial losses incurred from this flooding.  The waters are expected to crest tomorrow, so even higher water levels are yet to come.

Of course, this region is not alone - so many States are now dealing with flooding issues that are displacing people and delaying the planting of crops.  This has been quite a Spring!

You can see mature trees out in the water, which is approximately 15 feet closer to the road than normal.

The water has crept up a retaining wall and fence on it at the back of a beautiful property.

These properties with a grand sweep up to their doorstep have water pouring in the back of their homes and now even creating little lakes in the front 'yard'.

With the river cresting behind them and lakes forming in front, these people are trapped in their home ... unless they have evacuated.


  1. oh man...i have lived through a few floods and they can be disasterous...glad you are on higher ground...when it gets really bad here we get a river in the back yard but it is at the bottom of the hill...and there is not even a stream there usually...

  2. I am glad to learn that you, your family and your home is safe from the flooding. Happy Mother's Day weekend to you.

  3. The American mid-section and South are experiencing 500 year floods, as well. And with all the catastrophes happening in the world, my psyche is feeling innundated as well.

  4. Those pictures say it all. It has certainly been a wet spring. The rivers are swollen all over the country. The farmers are late putting in their crops due to all the rain.

  5. It would be terrible to have your house flooded. I hope things are okay for you! Nancy

  6. I'm glad to know you're in a safer zone. How awful it must be to deal with this. Fine photos for drive-bys.


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