Friday, April 8, 2011

weekends: a time to connect

Weekends seem to be designed for stopping, resting, chatting, catching up.  While there is always a load of work to be done in the Spring, hope you find time to rest and reconnect this weekend.  I'm going to make it one of my priorities.  E.M. Forster put it best when, in the epigraph to his novel Howards End, he so succinctly said:

  "Only connect."


  1. So true! But this week it'll have to be at a distance, so I don't spread this nasty virus.

  2. Thanks for the good reminder, and for being such a good example of a "connector". Reminds me of something I read in Malcolm Gladwell's "Tipping Point". Best to you. EFH

  3. hope you get to just connect this weekend...i might just try to do that myself...

  4. Bonnie,
    In an age where no one uses their phone to make a call or checks their voicemail, connecting with another human being does take greater effort. I agree with Expat From Hell, having connectors like yourself creates the kind of community we crave. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. You are so right!! Thanks


    Our 8 year old grandson is with us until tomorrow :-) SO we are definitely connecting :-) We are going to do work in the garden and then go and pickup my Mom from dialysis (his great-grandma) and then visit for a bit at her place which is an in-law apartment attached to my sister's house. We are connecting alot!! I love this post and all your shared wisdom about what is important.
    Love Gail

  7. Lovely images. Have a wonderful weekend!


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