Saturday, April 30, 2011


You must give birth to your images.
They are the future waiting to be born ...
Fear not the strangeness you feel.
The future must enter you long before it happens ...
Just wait for the birth ... for the hour of clarity.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

I'm waiting.


  1. oh you have birthday many a beauty...dont try that humility stuff on me...smiles. happy saturday bonnie!

  2. I LOVE that quote and I know that feeling of waiting all too well... Can't wait to see what you'll create when the waiting is over!! Hugs, Silke

  3. "The future must enter you long before it happens..."

    In find so much comfort in that. I sometimes believe that change just happens, we decide to the this then we are that. But real change isn't like that, it's a journey, a process. And part of getting to it can be difficult or awkward but you need to go through that to get to the change.

    The image is just amazing, and feels like clarity.

    Thank you for this!

  4. May you have many birthdays such as this, dear Bonnie. And that all of us may follow. EFH

  5. Wow! The quote, the picture, all beautiful and prophetic. So much to ponder here.

  6. love your is being born right in front of us! Gorgeous

  7. Thanks for the reminder. can't WAIT to steal that Rilke quote :)

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  8. I saw the shade of pink and somehow knew I was going to like this, but I didn't realize the quote would challenge me and sit well with me both at the same time. You are so very good at doing that and I think I not only learn something, but I grow each time I visit.

    "The future must enter you long before it happens" Very profound statement to me... thank you!

  9. Thank you for Rilke. The one quote from him that stays with me, and so relevant, especially at the point in my life right now is: "Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually without noticing it live along some distant day into the answer."

  10. Maybe gestation is one of the hardest truths to accept. But it gets easier to learn over time.

    The patterns and textures of your image, with that color, are striking.

  11. I wait too as the new ideas incubate within me. Beautiful times


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