Friday, April 8, 2011

A New Texture Collection

I'm so excited to present my Pixel Dust Texture Collection I to you.  It is comprised of 4 sets of 9 textures which can each be purchased separately.  You can also purchase the entire collection, all 4 sets (36 textures) to enjoy a significant saving.

Each 9 texture set contains a sampling, from among the following different types of textures:

  • ones that leave a Monet-like, impressionist look on your photograph
  • others that impart the always sought-after vintage touch
  • others that add a dramatic, illuminated flare
  • others that will provide a textured, marbleized background and border 
  • others that leave a subtle French Linen fabric look
  • others with a  gossamer layer which imparts a soft, romantic feel
  • and some with the grunge factor that is so much in demand 

All of the high resolution textures have been tested on a variety of photographs and offer stunning transformations that shift according to the blending mode and opacity level you choose.  This means that one set can give you many more options than the actual nine textures in the set.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Pixel Dust Texture Set I  ~  9 textures for $10 US  ~  To purchase click  HERE

Pixel Dust Texture Set II  ~  9 textures for $10 US  ~  To purchase click HERE

Pixel Dust Texture Set III  ~  9 textures for $10 US  ~  To purchase click HERE

Pixel Dust Texture Set IV  ~  9 textures for $10 US  ~  To purchase click HERE

Pixel Dust Texture Collection I  ~  All 36 textures for $30 US  ~  To purchase click HERE

Texture #5 from Set I and Texture #2 from Set III can be seen applied to photographs of wilting daffodils by clicking HERE.

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  1. hot...digging these...number 7s tend to resonate with me, but that number 8 that kinda looks like a gun shot...i like that one too...


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