Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring chez moi

It takes a while for Spring to emerge here in the NorthEast.  There are still a few small pockets of snow left in shady areas, while sunny spots are spouting green grass and moss.  Here are three digitally-edited photographs of trees on our property, including views of a bridge or two, and a shot of the stream full to bursting from melting snow running off the nearby mountain.  The textures added to the first three photographs give a little 'pop' to what would otherwise be grey-sky Spring shots.

A very old pear tree that still produces delicious fruit inspite of its hollowed trunk (perhaps that should read hallowed).  We wonder each year if it will still be able to muster the energy to produce its pears.


A giant poplar.

The same giant poplar in the foreground stands guard over the brook below and the wooden bridge above.  A little stone footbridge can be seen in the distance.

A shot of the brook on a sunny day a week or so ago when the water was gushing with snow melt from the mountain.  You can tell that water is VERY cold, can't you? 

Thanks for dropping by.  I will be posting more photographs documenting the phases of Spring's arrival here.


  1. I especially love the shot of the brook dancing over the rocks. It's like a refreshing drink of water!

  2. Dropping by on lunch break to say hello and to thank you for the gorgeous pictures of Spring. I love those poplars. My inner tomboy is itching to scale them. LOL.

  3. like that perspective shot up the poplar...and the trickle falls there...can almost hear it...ahh....

  4. these would make beautiful woodblock prints if you could distill them just a little more. I can totally see it.

  5. Almost as bracing as being THERE!

    Love the tree that beings fruit
    out of a hollow interior-

    out of emptiness,
    the light emerges:


    What a great emblem of the season, Bonnie :-)

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  6. Lovely pictures, enhanced or not enhanced. Excellent perspectives too.

    Just one question: did you actually test the waters of the brook? Have a dip, maybe?

  7. Great photos Bonnie. We also have a slow entrance to spring. I am impatient!


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