Monday, April 11, 2011

photograph of dried leaves turned into art

Yes, this little photo of leaves that fell off a houseplant, with the application of the two textures below became a photo worthy of the addition of Thomas Paine's quote.  There are many ways to create a world again ... even the world of leaves ready to be tossed in the compost.

 Pixel Dust Texture Set 1 #3  (To view the complete Set, click HERE)
This was the first texture I added to the above photo.

Pixel Dust Texture Set III #1  (To view the complete set, click HERE
This is the second texture added to complete the transformation of the photograph.

The same photograph, the same addition of my two new textures, a couple of tweaks in Photoshop to add a painterly touch, and you now have a piece of photo art!  Easy peasy.  You can do it too!


  1. love the textures of dried flowers and your lay over is really nice as well...i really like that quote! we do!

  2. I love the colors of the dead leaves. It makes a perfect photo painting. Well done!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  3. Lovely -- and yes, very painterly!

  4. I love the texture that this background gives to the leaves! It feels like the crunchy leaves you find on your path in the late late autumn. Beautiful.

  5. You are working magic here, like digital creative water colour!

  6. I am SO excited to get back on track with Kim Klassen (the last four lessons I had to skip due to company and my son's prom... yikes. I have time "reserved" this week to catch up. And I am so coming back and checking out your textures. :)

  7. Beautiful!! Love the textures!!

  8. Bonnie, you slay me with your beautiful textures! Thanks for showing us the beauty in what some may think of as compost material =-)


  9. Love viewing your beautifully created photos, Bonnie!


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