Saturday, March 12, 2011

Save A Photo, Apply A Texture

This was a lack lustre photograph taken on a rather dark, dreary day.  I used the Pixel Dust PhotoArt technique (see Your Photos As Art button beneath my header) and some textures to give it the look of a painting.  This, previously, would have been a photo doomed to a close encounter with my delete key.

Another photo taken on a drab winter day - this time through the car window.  The photograph was dull and on my delete list, until ....... the application of my texture Dark Navy Night and the Pixel Dust PhotoArt technique gave it a reprieve, some color, depth and a painterly feel.  What is that rather unsavory country/western song title - "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy"?  Well why not consider saving a photo by applying a texture

That's my new motto:  "Save a Photo, Apply a Texture".

This is the texture Dark Navy Night applied to the above photograph of train tracks.  Please accept this texture as a little offering of appreciation for your visits here and your always interesting comments.  I want you to know that I never take any of your visits for granted. 

If you wish to download this texture you can do so by clicking HERE.  (My only stipulation for the free download is that you not re-gift, sell or claim it as your own.  Apart from that feel free to use it for any of your projects.)  I would love to see how you use it!

Don't forget:  Save a Photo, Apply a Texture!

(BTW, I'm making many more great textures for you.  :)


  1. Save a photo, apply a texture. You have worked wonders with several 'ordinary' shots.

  2. Nice work, Bonnie. Textures do make a big difference, and can sometimes be the subject on their own.

    Nicely done, and especially like that 1st save :)

  3. I like your new motto! You are so talented! The textures really changed the photos.

  4. smiles. i like your motto...there are def some pics that would be no good except by a really changes everything...

  5. So happy to have found you! I can tell I'm going to learn a lot here! I bought a 'dust filter' this week and was so excited about have great language for understanding its to play! I'll be back! Oh, yes I'm downloading your dark blue filter as I type...I'll let you know what happens with it. thanks so much!

  6. That is a great expression. You should start a new no -comment blog on your sidebar and save these give-a-way textures in it. Use the photo gadget and link the new blog URL. Go to my sidebar and see how I did it for my free photo giveaways and "in the kitchen" stuff. Maybe you already know how to do this... Or maybe it is already up in your tabs. I will have to look. Kim klassen's classes start Monday!


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