Thursday, March 24, 2011

...mirage magic...

Allow me to share another example of saving a photograph by applying a texture.  Because of the pain and relative immobility in my left arm, I have not been driving since last October.  Being in the passenger seat allows me to snap a few photos through the car window - hardly the best way to get a good photograph.  This is one from last fall - one that clearly needs a lot of help.  Hmmm, what to do ... Ah yes, make a texture, apply it to the photograph in Photoshop Elements 8, tweak it with different blending modes to get different results, save the ones you like.  Easy peasy.

Below is the texture I created in Photoshop Elements using several different Brush Tools.

The Blending Mode "Linear Burn", a little adjustment in Opacity, and removing some of the texture's effects with a Layer Mask produced this result!

A mirage is created by thirst
and that is what desire is.
We are seeing imprinted on the world outside
the qualities that would satisfy our basic longings.
The qualities are not actually there;
we project them, as in a mirage.....
The illusory nature of the world is best understood
 as the projection of our longing,
and trying to find in phenomena
things that will satisfy us.

~Mu Soeng
Indian Zen Teacher

Same photograph and the same texture, but in the Blending Mode "Overlay" with
a slight adjustment in the Opacity.  I then flattened the layers in order to
apply a Watercolor Filter, and ... eh, voila a nondescript photograph
transformed into a nice little piece of digital art.

I am working on a collection of textures that I hope to have ready to present here in a couple of weeks.  I still have to test them on different types of photographs to make sure they produce great results for you.


  1. I love the photographs and your use of Photoshop. what I find distracting is your band running through them. It makes me think the photo is an advertisement instead of something that you're doing to protect your work. A copy-write signature placed in the corner would do that.

  2. Oh Bonnie - I am soothed and thrilled and in awe of your texturing style - it is SO lovely. I am sorry you are in pain but glad you can take pictures by being a passenger and then creating such lovely images. Wow!
    Love to you

    p.s. the sun is peeking out atop three inches of freshly fallen snow. Spring is amazing.

  3. L.W. Roth: I agree it is distracting. (I try to make it as pale as possible.) I do it now as a last resort after running into a few dishonest bloggers.

    A signature with the copyright symbol does protect the work with scrupulous people. However, there are the few not-so-scrupulous who copy the work, crop off the signature, and try to use it, even to the point of trying to sell it as theirs. I'm tired of discovering this sort of theft, thus the watermark banner running across my work. I even had someone recently who in winning a piece of my work asked if she could sell it on her site. Well, at least SHE asked. Those who do not produce their own work are often unaware of international copyright law.

    The other complicating factor is that I often have free downloads of textures. Perhaps getting work for free on a site, makes some assume everything posted here is up for grabs.

    One blogger who creates textures and generously gives them away for free, discovered that a blogger from the Ukraine had taken his collections, left them in the packaging design with which he presents them, and was presenting them as her own.

  4. Beautiful. Even with the necessary watermark.

  5. You are the Queen of Texture, Ms. Bonnie! I am amazed at what a bit of tweaking and imagination can do.

    Sorry to hear your arm is still not healed completely, but glad to hear you are a passenger in life enjoying the view =-)


  6. really this just amazes me bonnie...recreating reality...

  7. That is extraordinary Bonnie.

  8. Just the colors alone on this page are healing, Bonnie. Thank you.

  9. Oh it's pink and so it! Wanted to let you know I found the blend button last night on excited to try it...

  10. Nicely done, Bonnie. I especially like how the first one turned out.

  11. Wow - now there's a texture that I really like, Bonnie! You must be having a wonderful time with this. If I ever got started with that, I'd never surface again...

  12. Wow!!!! Bonnie your rock girl!! These images are fabulous!!

  13. wow the linear burn picture really pops out at you cool


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