Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Texture For You

Here's a free texture for you that is a little different.  I made it from one of my acrylic paintings.  The photograph of the painting has been edited in Photoshop so that it now looks nothing like the original painting, but you do get the variations in depth and  texture from the many layers of paint.  I love the painterly, almost old master effect it gives to a photograph.  I have posted two editing variations of the same photo using this texture so that you can see some of the effects possible.

The texture.

The SOOC photograph (BTW, that stands for "straight out of car"!)

In the example above, after applying the texture to the photo I used the Blending Mode "Multiply" and adjusted the Opacity of the texture in that mode to 55%.  "Multiply" blending mode gives a rather dark, stormy look to the piece.  A Layer Mask was used and the brush set at 35% to remove texture from the river (covered in ice and snow) and the landscape.  I then reduced the setting of the brush to 12% to remove a bit of the texture from the sky.  A Levels Adjustment was made increasing the white balance to brighten the photo.

This time the Overlay blending modality is used with Opacity reduced to 80%.  The Overlay blending mode contains a lot of light and therefore requires no Levels Adjustment.  A Layer Mask is used to remove some of texture - brush at 12% for sky, 35% for ice, and 20% for landscape.

This example uses the blending mode "Hard Light", and liking the painterly feel, I left the Opacity at 100%.  A Layer Mask was applied and setting my large, soft brush to 18% and the foreground color to black, made a few swipes across the entire canvas to slightly reduce the intensity.  A couple of extra swipes were made over the landscape and frozen river. 

This texture also looks great using the blending modes of Screen, Soft Light and Luminosity.  The possibilities are endless because of the variations of modes, opacity, levels etc.  The process of achieving the look you want imparts much the same feel as creating a painting - not as tactile to be sure - but certainly an exercise in creative decision-making as you make (and tweek) the choices that suit your aesthetic.

To download this free texture, simply click HERE.

As always, my only request is that, respecting copyright, you not re-gift or sell this texture as your own.  You are free to incorporate it into your creative work for personal or commercial uses.  I hope you produce some amazing effects editing your photos with it.  Please pop back here with a link to share your results.  Enjoy!


  1. oh wow...the colors and textures in this one are marvelous what it does to that pic...

  2. Gorgeous texture -- looking forward to trying it out.

  3. It is as beautiful as I thought it would be! Please come see what I did with it.

  4. Elise: Love what you did with it!

    Check out Elise's work by going to:

  5. Wonderful texture and depths !!!
    Great job done. The perfectly blending views of ground and horizons in the last paintings is incomparably amazing !!


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