Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life Is Textured!

What are you doing this weekend?  We have house guests.  My daughter and her two little ones are staying here while their new condo is having all new wooden floors installed (I'll spare you the details about the defective toilet that kept pouring water into the tank after someone flushed and left the condo!) 

When they first arrived a couple of weeks ago both granddaughters had colds.  Now my DH has one, but with the fever he has it does seem more like a flu than a cold to me.  I'm trying to fight it, but feel achy and have a slight sore throat.  I have not had a cold since I became a vegetarian a year and a half ago - here's hoping my immune system can continue its good work and ward it off.  I'm using Echinacea and some Reflexology treatments on myself to try and stimulate my immune system into high gear.  Fingers crossed! 

One of our granddaughters was allowed to bring home the resident rabbit of her grade 2 class.  So we have a sweet, quiet old rabbit called "Moka" as a house guest for the next week too.  It is a winter break period at school so the girls and the rabbit will be home all next week.  Should be fun!   Mix in the added texture of a small tragedy to all that fun, as the girls got word from their Father's house that their pet bird, "Kiss" just died.  Oh dear -  lots of tears and lots of questions.  Life is truly textured!

Since I cannot have YOU over for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, thought I would reach out to you by offering a free download of a great texture.  I so love what this texture can do to an image.  Many textures seem to work mainly in the blending modes of 'Overlay', 'Soft Light' or 'Screen' - but this texture named 'Old Linen Skirt' works little miracles in many of the blending modes in Photoshop.  Scroll down and I will show you a few.  First, of course, the texture:

Next, the image to which I will apply the texture and manipulate with different blending modes:

(Lorenzo asked where the photograph of the urn was taken. 
It greets visitors at  a little museum of modern art located in "Old Montreal". 
Fortunately it sits on the edge of the old town as the architecture is distinctly modern.)

Now the image of the falling urn sculpture, with the texture applied in Linear Light blending mode.  I adjusted the blending mode to 50% opacity.

Below, the same image, same texture, using Difference blending mode.  I adjusted the opacity to 88% and used a layer mask to remove all of the texture from the sculpture itself.

Same image, same texture, Screen blending mode.  The opacity was left at 100%.

Same image, same texture, Luminosity blending mode.  The opacity was reduced to 88% and a layer mask used to remove the texture from the sculpture.

You can download and use this texture "Old Linen Skirt" to enhance your images by simply clicking HERE.  The only stipulation to this free download is that you not sell or regift the texture as being your creation.  Enjoy!


  1. Very interesting. Thank you very much. Have fun with the grandkids and the rabbit. Enjoy your full house. That's a winning week you have in front of you.

  2. HI-

    I love the textures in the pictures - I can 'feel' them with my eyes. And you have quite a houseful and with colds/flu as well!! Lots of rest, fluids, chicken soup and hand washing. And a bunny! Oh my :-)
    We have someone arriving tomorrow who is in need- we have been wrestling with what we are able to do. I am praying for guidance.

    Love to you

  3. WOW Bonnie- you are getting fancy- I love your images- every one! Awesome!
    I took care of my son last week who had the same sort of horrid ailment- Pretty sure I would pay for it by getting the same thing- I did but only for ONE DAY!~ My secret was using peppermint oral Zycam- kicked it's ass!

  4. ooo...i like the texture...sorry the sickness has worked its way through our fam in the last week...nasty flu...

  5. I'm such a whimp with techno stuff, even if it's free. Take care of that cold. We are passing ours around and feeling miserable.

  6. I love that you're having so much fun working with textures. Very cool.

  7. A full house with grandkids and animal. Should be fun. Enjoy your weekendççç

  8. Ah, life indeed is textured, but throats should remain smooth. Hope you get better soon and that the ailments don't ruin the weekend for your. Where was the original photo taken? It is quite striking and so, too, the textured images. The sensation that the pot is falling seems heightened in the last image, and in the second (of four) it almost seems to bounce. Oh, our empty urn is tipping over and tumbling down the great staircase ...

  9. Lorenzo: Thank you for your question. I have posted an additional photograph and little explanation about where exactly that urn is located. A little context never hurts!

  10. What fun!! If I started playing around with my photos I'd never get anything else done, I think.
    Blogging has taken a back seat to other things for a while, Bonnie, but it's nice to be here again and to see your new look. It's terrific! I wandered around to your various links and must compliment you on the way you're making your talents and experience accessible to others.

  11. I love the range of life that is playing out at your house - sickness, happiness, closeness, and so much love.

    Thank you for the textures - what a beautiful mix, much like your house!

  12. I'm amazed at what you can do with a photo and texture! And just like life, there may seem to be only one photo at times, but really, there are many, many textures to tell the story. You always tell a good story, Bonnie!

    I'm getting over a cold so I'm sending my condolences to your home! Hope you're all feeling better soon :)


  13. It really gives the impression of paintings on linen. Great tutorial! (My son's girlfriend is tucked in on the sofa with blankets and a temp of 104. She's miserable!)

  14. Amazing how our lives our enhanced with the textured nuances of our days. Your images are wonderful.

  15. Love the texture and the print you worked with is awesome!!!
    Enjoy all your houseguests and I hope the flu is not going to be one of them!!
    Be well!

  16. This is exactly what I was looking for to use on some pictures I want to enlarge and frame. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Amazing texture, thank you so much for sharing :)


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