Friday, February 18, 2011


Touch Me

Summer is late, my heart.

Words plucked out of the air

some forty years ago

when I was wild with love

and torn almost in two

scatter like leaves this night

of whistling wind and rain.

It is my heart that's late,

it is my song that's flown.

Outdoors all afternoon

under a gunmetal sky

staking my garden down,

I kneeled to the crickets trilling

underfoot as if about

to burst from their crusty shells;

and like a child again

marveled to hear so clear

and brave a music pour

from such a small machine.

What makes the engine go?

Desire, desire, desire.

The longing for the dance

stirs in the buried life.

One season only,

and it's done.

So let the battered old willow

thrash against the windowpanes

and the house timbers creak.

Darling, do you remember

the man you married? Touch me,

remind me who I am.

~ Stanley Kunitz


  1. mmm...i like that verse...particulary the close...touch me help me remember

  2. What makes the engine go?

    Sigh..I loved this poem. I connected with it in a way that surprised me and made me a bit melancholy.

    Thank you for the poem and most importantly, for the reflection it brings.

  3. Lovely poem—reflective, longing, tenderly bittersweet. "One season only…and then it's done." Alas, so true.


    I love the image and the poem - so beautifully expressed and blended. "Thank you" for sharing such lovely sentiments and glorious loving desire.
    Love Gail

  5. Brian: Thank you. Packed full of longing isn't it?

  6. Marion: Yes, I too found the melancholy and ubiquitous yearning throughout it familiar ... and beautiful.

  7. Grizz: Yes, those are the two lines that touch me the most: "One season only, and it's done." Sobering and a good reminder to be awake and present to the time we have.

  8. Gail: You are so welcome. So full of longing, I thought it would be something we can all relate to ...

  9. This brought tears to my eyes for all the things I'd do differently, if only I had another "season." Beautiful. Thank you.

  10. I've always loved this poem, Bonnie. The two lines that resonate most with me are "the longing for the dance stirs in the buried life" and "touch me, remind me who I am."

  11. George: Yes, longing for the dance. Stirs something very deep for me too.

  12. I must agree with George - the two lines that jumped at me were "the longing for the dance..." and "touch me, remind me who I am". I've been married over 20 years, and responsibilities are HUGE! I was looking at photos of us when we were dating... Wow. I somewhat remember those two people...

  13. what a beautiful poem of remembering. steven

  14. So beautiful!! Had me swooning!!


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