Tuesday, February 8, 2011


You may have noticed that I have slowly been transforming the appearance and set up of this blog.  Not to worry - it is still the same old me behind the scenes and the eclectic, somewhat erratic content will remain pretty much the same.

Thanks to some excellent e-courses (linked for you with the new tab under the header:  Resource Links) I have, of late, immersed myself in the magical world of digital editing.  While I love to edit photographs to bring out the best in them, I am much more interested in the artistic applications of digital manipulations with Photoshop.  At the controls in my photoshop/art cockpit I have been dipping and diving into realms heretofore unknown to me, and the ride has been exhilarating.  The creative destinations and possibilities are endless!

Making textures to give depth, intrigue and dimension to art and photographs is one of my latest obsessions.  (Yes, it's true.  I do have a touch of OCD!)  So expect to see a host of artistic textures and backgrounds here in future.  I want to give many away for you to use, and some I will package into sets to sell.  Here are a couple of examples of textures recently produced.

You can download this texture by clicking HERE.

You can download this texture by clicking HERE

You may have noticed my new Grab Button in the sidebar, with the added name,
Pixel Dust PhotoArt.  I have a new, little service I will soon offer here that has been so christened.  Can't wait to share it with you -just working out the final details before 'launch'!

I have installed some static "Pages" with their tab links under my header to help you negotiate your way around my blog labyrinth.  Now you can easily access interviews I have done with other bloggers, sample pieces of my artwork, photographs and digital art, and link up with many of my favorite resources for your creative blogging endeavors.

There is a static page where I list most of my postings of a psychological nature:  Psych-Help Posts.  With one click you can navigate to any of these posts that may interest you.  A few people have tapped me on the shoulder for a little help with personal issues/dilemmas/concerns and I have enjoyed being able to offer some help via e-mail.  I have decided to offer this sort of consultation as a service here, and you will see the tab Psych-Help Consults where you can learn more.  There I explain how such a service would unfold, the conditions and the cost.  The same codes of confidentiality that apply in a therapeutic relationship will apply to this consultation or coaching service.  No one will ever know that we are in touch behind the scenes!  :-) 

Hope this post has answered any questions you may have had about what I am up to here.  It was time for a new look and a bit of tweaking to what I do here ... and the process will continue.  Thank YOU so much for your visits and comments.  It is a delight to exchange thoughts and ideas with each and every one of you.  Don't forget to download your free textures pictured above!


  1. Lovely to see you taking all your new knowledge off in your own direction.

  2. nice. i am liking the transformation bonnie...

    do i have to lay on the couch as i type you my questions...sorry poor humor...

  3. Love the way you are "reinventing" your blog Bonnie. :c)

  4. You have been busy! I do like the new look.

  5. yes, I noticed and I like your new look. I'm thinking about adding some static pages to mine as well.

  6. Bonnie! This is great! I love how you're bringing in a combination of passions and skills and making it all happen right here. Wonderful! I am looking forward to the way it plays out, as always, with your characteristic insight and presence. :-)

  7. This is exciting, Bonnie! To combine what you love is a true gift to have. And to share this makes it even more special :)


  8. Always good to have a change isn't it? Those tab links are a really great idea.

  9. Wow - you HAVE been busy! This looks really professional and classy!

  10. I love the textures and have longed to do them. I have NO idea how to do it, but I will take that leap very soon. I am reading my manual on CS5 (!!) and trying to learn the SIMPLEST of things. Can't wait until the day I CAN take you up on your offer and use one of your textures. (I have a TON of photos). And I think your blog looks magnificent. Now I have to go check out the tab links.


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