Saturday, January 29, 2011

...can I have this dance?

I know I am supposed to be taking a little blogging break, but I HAD to post this collage of one of my very favourite people with her new Russian ice dance coach!

Until now this little seven year old has been training and competing only as a singles skater.  Now she is giving dance on blades a whirl as well.

Above is a collage of photographs (I'll spare you all my excuses for how bad they are!) of her having her first coaching session with a former Russian Dance competitor.  He and his skating partner represented Russia at the World Figure Skating Championships not so long ago.  Since his move to Canada, he has been coaching aspiring dance competitors.

This darling seven year old was not intimidated by his towering height, his thick Russian accent, nor his experience and took long sweeping strokes around the rink with him to the old-fashioned strains of a waltz.  His students learn the moves to a very simple dance routine from their regular coach before they begin their lessons with him.  I love the blurry shot behind the wire mesh of her responding with a high high five to his low high five.  Oh to be seven years old with a world of opportunity ahead of you!

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  1. too wishes for her...hope to see her compete one day...

  2. Beautiful, and a joy to look at. Nice to speak to you.

  3. This is precious, Bonnie. The images (almost like silhouettes) of him bending down to her speak volumes. What a privilege she has to be shaped by this experience.

  4. How adorable! Your granddaughter(?) is very talented and lucky. I look forward to seeing her face on TV for the Olympics one day.

  5. It takes a special sort, "je ne sais quoi" quality for a 7 year old to not be intimidated to take the ice, let alone, with a coach of this caliber! Kudos to her :) How very proud you must be! So glad you came back to share this! I enjoy your new header too!

  6. How exciting to see your granddaughter(?) receive such excellent coaching! Great photo collage.

  7. A graceful collage that shows the beauty of learning and teaching. Yes, to be 7 again with the world at your feet!!

    Thanks for taking a "break" to share with us :)


  8. These are all great photos, but that one in particular is super! This is really exciting for her AND her relatives!

  9. Very cool. I love the idea of a collage of action shots.


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