Monday, December 20, 2010

A silent, snow-filled night

How I love a silent, snow-filled night.  The snowflakes in these photographs, shot from our back deck, were gigantic -  the size of  pennies, nickels and quarters!  The soft, fluffy snow acts like an insulating blanket, absorbing all ambient noise.  Not a sound can be heard.  It becomes so quiet you are certain that if you listen closely enough you will hear each flake caress the ground.    Silence, stillness, solitude, while surrounded by the serenity of softly falling snow  --  a sure recipe for a heavenly night.

The trees here are Blue Spruce.


A lonely, little deck  hovers over a hidden, gently gurgling mountain stream.

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  1. We are having our very fist snow here tonight and it's so beautiful.

    I am going to post this quote over on my blog, but after seeing your pictures, I wanted to share it with you as well:

    “I am younger each year at the first snow. When I see it, suddenly, in the air, all little and white and moving; then I am in love again and very young and I believe everything.”
    -- Anne Sexton

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures!
    Hope you are warm and happy!

  2. Marion: What a beautiful statement by Anne Sexton. If you come back here and read this, I am asking you if you mind if I post it too. It would be a perfect compliment to the photos. I will pop over to re-read it at your blog.

  3. Those are just marvelous, magical shots, Bonnie—lost edit or not. I believe the last one is my favorite because of the warm reflected light high in the darkness. Really, really lovely!

  4. Gorgeous shots, Bonnie. It's hard to imagine anything more beautiful.

  5. Oh wow.. these are amazingly beautiful images, Bonnie. You've captured a bit of magic.

  6. Those flakes are huge! They look like a billion stars in the sky! I'm enjoying a white Christmas back home, too!

  7. ooo...great teh little touches of color...and the silence of snow that too!

  8. The stillness and beauty your photos convey meets me in my deepest winter love-hollow.

  9. I really love how the snowflakes stand out in the darkness! You work wonders with your images.

  10. Such serenity! A silent night, holy night, all calm.

  11. Breathtaking. I could feel the quiet and the magic of the moment. In California on the coast there is no winter wonderland with snowflakes, so I get to enjoy it through your posts!

    Merry Winter Solstice and a happy holiday to you and yours, Bonnie :)

  12. such magic in those big snowflakes! Here we just get rain (but water, to me, is always a miracle, can you tell I spent part of my childhood in southern California?).

    I was amazed, when I spent part of year in Pittsburgh, PA, to find that snowflakes don't just fall, they drift and float. I'd not really known that before.

    I can only imagine the quiet...

  13. So lovely, Bonnie

    Some of those orbs must be angels

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  14. Oh, this is so lovely - and reminds me of where I live, except we aren't surrounded by spruce (though we do have them)- but instead other trees - and we hear the creek gurgle, and the quiet is so very silent...this is wonderful!

  15. Lovely scenes. Top one is best.Perfect for future Christmas card. Snow looks perfect for building snowmen.

  16. lyrical beauty- fat snow! So pretty in your yard! Happy season of merry and bright!LOVE


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