Thursday, December 16, 2010

...sharing the white...

Most of North America has colder temperatures than normal and there are very few regions that are not blanketed in snow.  In case you are not sure if your Christmas will be white ... here's some 'white' just for you.

Loving the long shadows across the snow and the perfectly positioned pops of bronze stalks.

The bridge across our mountain stream was built with several wide walkways
which grandchildren use for intensive snow play therapy!  :-)

This birch-lined, lamp lit pathway beckons in every season, but is particularly fetching in winter. 
As you see, I have tinkered with the photograph in PS to get this 'noisy' effect.

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  1. I so love winter, Bonnie. Your photos of it capture it beautifully. The bridge is tremendous! At first I thought the children were statues. :) I would like to play there like that.

    But yes, it has been bitterly cold.

  2. I am beyond thrilled that my Christmas won't be white this year. One year we do family here and the next we run away and hide somewhere warm(er). This is our away year. California here we come!

  3. The first photo is very impressive and my favorite. It would look beautiful on any wall.

  4. Beautiful photos.. particularly that first one. You certainly have more snow than we do, Bonnie. I don't mind. ;)

  5. what cool the walls and the streetlamp...its white here though turning to ice...

  6. Especially love that first photo, Bonnie. It's got such a clarity and draw-me-in quality about it. The snow is disappearing fast here in the UK Midlands - though more is predicted. Tonight the roads and footpaths are dangerous with black ice.

  7. The lamp post looks like a scene from Narnia.

  8. The "noisy" shot looks awfully peaceful to me. The whole landscape looks like a winter wonderland. And no, we don't have snow. . . and I for one am happy about that since I have a steep driveway.

  9. Oh Bonnie - I am so energized by these amazing Winter scenes. "thank you"
    Love Gail
    peace and hope

  10. I have enough snow, thank you very much! But, your photos a lovely and will bring good cheer to those not living the northern life.

  11. the noisy effect is cool! gives an interesting twist on the snow. :-)


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