Monday, December 13, 2010


A kinder version of the well-known KISS principle is:  Keep It Simple Sweetheart.

 I am intent on keeping 'simplicity' the watchword as I work on Christmas preparations.

 I KISS myself hourly.  ;-)  

 Have you tried KISSing yourself lately?

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  1. Wonderful idea!

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  2. Hey, I like this version of KISS! Sweetheart is so much better than the one I've wanted to like.

  3. i take lots of kisses daily...smiles.

  4. Beautiful photo.. it's simple, subtle and soft. Much like a real kiss can be. And yes, "Sweetheart" is much kinder than the original "Stupid."

  5. It is definitely an improvement, Bonnie. And soft, like this beautiful hydrangea.

  6. Bonnie, the photo is gorgeous. I have my life pared down to the basics.

  7. Yes, its the only way to go... so much more meaning in the "celebration" of the season when you aren't stressed and stretched from the busy-ness of too many details :)

  8. oh, I agree, completely.

    and that photo is so gorgeous.

    Can't wait for my Montreal baby to be enjoying simple here at home too.

  9. I'm with Dan and Ruth on this one, Bonnie. Your KISS is much lovelier that the other, more well known acronym. Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!

  10. My wife and I have decided to simplify our decorations the last couple of years with a 'Charlie Brown' tree; it's very small and sparse. Ironically it carries for us a heightened significance.

  11. Definitely.
    Simple is always best.

  12. I like the KISS guideline for the holidays. Well, we don’t have a tree, aren’t sending cards, don’t bake and bought mostly books as gifts. That defines simple. Of course it helps that my parents are hosting this year. Lovely snow below. We’ve been surprisingly snow free in Maine.


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