Friday, December 17, 2010

...I'll have a blue Christmas...

Blue is one of the main colours we decorate with at Christmas.  Green and red do make an appearance, but blue, with pops of orange, permeate the colour atmosphere here.  For a long while our tree was covered with silver, white and blue ornaments.  Then we began to add big, silvery blue bows into the mix.  About five years ago everyone agreed that a bit of a change would be good so we added in some vibrant orange bows and bulbs. 

What we have found, over the years, is that it does not matter what colours you choose, as long as there are little lights to illuminate the tree, and thus the room.  Christmas decoration, to my mind,  is mainly about the light:  the shimmer, the glow, the radiance, the twinkle, the candlelight, the firelight.   Just as we marvel every day over sunlight, starlight, moonlight, sunrises and sunsets, so too much of the splendor of Christmas is light - light - light. 

 Light represents warmth, welcome, home, comfort, life.  Light is an invitation to enter, connect, partake.  The decorations we choose simply catch and reflect the the beauty of light - light from the decor we create and light from the love we share.  May this season be full of light for you.

Oh, and btw, I WILL have a blue Christmas ... without you.


  1. The blends of colors and sparkles are so beautiful. I feel like I am in a decorative Winter wonderland :-)

    Love Gail

  2. nice...elegant looking tree....really like that blue...

  3. Blue? Why not? A change from red and green. Blue and orange. The colours of my blog! Perhaps I've been celebrating Christmas every day without knowing it,

  4. Have a merry Christmas with lots of lights..

  5. Christmas lights do cover a multitude of sins...that is for sure.
    And I love the magic of lights and candles. Neat combination.

  6. Lovely images, Bonnie. The last two are so beautiful, I should print them, cut them out, and hang them as ornaments on my own tree. Have a lovely holidays with no blues, except the radiant ones decorating your home.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous , Bonnie.
    I am so in favour of people doing what makes their heart sing.

    I love blue and orange together , this must be simply beautiful.

    Enjoy Enjoy...

  8. Splendid images of your decorations. I really love blue. And I love blue Christmas lights.

    A few years ago I went with my friend Inge when she was in chemotherapy for breast cancer, to a "Blue Christmas" service at a local church. It was in the evening, candlelit. It was for people who were sad or suffering in some way. I found it profoundly meaningful. I loved walking in to the circular room and hearing the organist playing Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas."

  9. I love your colour choices for your tree. Blue and a touch of orange is very elegant. Nicely done.

  10. We have mini lights in our living year round and I just added purple and clear mini lights in my studio. I can't help it. I love Light in all its forms. The shimmer, the radiance, the sheer lightness of it!

    And I can't think of a prettier Christmas than one drapped in blues and oranges with lots of sparkle! Shine on, Beautiful Blue Bonnie...

  11. Wow, blue and orange...a distinctive departure from the traditional. Beautiful in its aesthetics and symbolism.

  12. May there be lights and lights in every room to show the way.

    Merry Christmas!

  13. I LOVE the blue and the orange! So pretty!

  14. I like the idea of the same colored lights on a tree; although all different colored lights always reminds me of my childhood. I miss my Christmas decorations; we haven't put a tree up or any decorations since we've been on the road - it's been 6 years!


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