Sunday, December 5, 2010


The following pieces of artwork are collages created a few years back.  All but the fourth were constructed from snippets from a well-used Klimt art book.  However, what you will see below, are photographs of them that have been edited in Photoshop to make them POP.  (I know, I should post the before and after - but I can not take the time today.)

I believe this collage is entirely of different pieces of dresses on the women found in Klimt's paintings.  In Photoshop a photograph of leaves was superimposed to add texture, and with a blending mode adjustment the colours have been intensified.  If you look closely you can see the veins of a Brunnera leaf here and there.

The same collage, with a different photograph of leaves added to 'texturize' the piece.  Can you make out any of the quintessential Klimt images in the piece?

This was the first art collage ever attempted by yours truly.  I like the black, white and sepia tones with hits of yellow and rust.  The Photoshop filter called 'tiles' was used to create all the white lines that make the collage look like it is composed of even smaller pieces of paper than it really is.  Neat effect n'est-ce-pas?

This collage is entitled "Re-Member Me", because it is made up of various body parts or 'members' clipped from fashion magazines.  I know, my family groaned too when they saw it - but I just follow my muse and occasionally she leads me to make weird/quirky statements.  In Photoshop a filter called 'craquelure' has been applied and then blending modes were used to change the colours.  It ends up with a quilted look. 

Another collage made from cuttings of Klimt - mainly of trees, flowers and buildings.  I have added a subtle texture to it, however, the colours are very much as found in the Klimt art book.  (I know some of you may be feeling  a sacrilege has been committed by cutting up Klimt images, and I did feel a whinge of conscience in so doing.  However, the book was falling apart and would probably have ended up in the recycling bin - so it seemed that this was a much better way to 'recycle' Klimt.)

The last specimen - treated in Photoshop with a slight effect of 'craquelure', while colour tones remain untouched.  I do like the depth that the treatments in Photoshop afford the pasted pieces of paper.


  1. Each of these images is stunning, Bonnie! I love the first two for their intense color and the third for its geometry and values. My favorite is the fifth, the one that was made from Klimt cuttings and which reflects abstractly buildings, trees, flowers, etc. Well done. These, I think, are my favorites of the work you have done with Photoshop.

  2. bonnie - i think that i would like to have one of these as a quilt. they're very clever and beautiful. steven

  3. what a treat for my wintery eyes! Especially the bright coloured collages! All of them are wonderful! YUM!

  4. I simply love the composition in the last one especially... the colors and yes the depth and contrast in it- well done. I would have missed the fact they are all body parts in re-member me... I only plucked out... I think its rather clever myself :)

  5. Bonnie, these are great fun! And a perfect use for a falling apart book.

    I really like your re-membering one (no groans) - the colors are rich and the texture reminds me of quilted fabric (maybe I'm on the same page as Steven).

    Also, academics are often found playing with dual meanings of words and for some time there's been a move to utilize re-member to indicate that remembering can be an integrative act for people who have been cut off from an aspect of their culture or history; the opposite of dis-member which gruesomely indicates a removal of important pieces of one's self-concept. None of this (in the academic way I've come across it) is meant literally of course...

    just thoughts I had upon reading your title and seeing the collage :-)

  6. oh wow...each of these is a feast for the all the color bonnie!

  7. Hola! Amo tus collages, son hermosas obras de arte, un abrazo! :)

  8. EVERYONE: Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback! Much appreciated.

    Neighbor: Thank you too! Alternate meanings of words, images, symbols, scenes are also key to deciphering content presented in psychotherapy. (I have always wanted to study semiotics ... perhaps one day.) Chose the title of that piece precisely for its multiple meanings. Thanks for noticing!

  9. I want to LIVE in the top 2!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  10. I can not wait to play with my photoshop CS5. It is still in it's box!! I am SO excited after seeing the beautiful work above. My favorites are the 1st and last. What size are these? Do you hang them on your walls, because they do not belong in a drawer. Stunning, stunning art work!

  11. Bonnie, glad you also understood my meaning :-)

    ...and is it because your wrist is doing so much better that we're seeing many more typed words this last week or so? I hope it's continuing to heal well!

  12. Loved, loved, loved the fourth one, top to bottom. Don't ask me why. I just 'feel' it. :-) Don't stop being quirky! :-D

    Greetings from London.

  13. What beautiful collages! I love them all! And I definitely do see Klimt images there!

  14. How interesting and delightful that you take collages of the artwork of a major artist and transform them digitally. Beautiful products!

  15. I like the idea of recycling not throwing it out!
    The textures are delicious.
    I must work on photoshop. I have a bathroom to paint, first!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  16. It's really fun to see all the different looks and possibilities. I love the first two especially. The vibrant color and the overall design work so well together. It made me happy just to look at them.

  17. Wowza, I love these collages. The colors are stunning for one, but I especially like how you have composed the pieces. Your very first collage is quite stunning!


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