Tuesday, November 30, 2010

... welcome to ...


  1. Is that the Hotel California lobby?


  2. So this is what Hotel California looks like!

  3. vaguely threatening. Abandon hope...

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral



  4. Is this the courtyard where some dance to remember, some dance to forget? Haven't heard this song in a LONG time!

  5. Intriguing...... and not the lobby of the Hotel California in Todos Santos, which is only a faux Hotel California, Eagles style.

  6. Well, Bonnie, I must confess to being lost on this one. I see that others are referencing the Hotel California, but it means nothing to me. I'm quite skilled at alibis, but I don't know what I need one for in this context. I will follow the comments and let others solve the mystery.

  7. Hi Everyone:

    No big mystery to decipher here. Those who like The Eagles will get the reference to their old song Hotel California where, as Margaret says, some dance to remember, some dance to forget - where one is encouraged to bring their alibis - and where one is warned they can check out but they can never leave.

    I was editing a photograph of a Boutique Hotel in Old Montreal - erasing all their proprietorial signs - including what was on their chalkboard. I wanted to type in something on the board and this is what came to mind. Guess it means nothing if you weren't an Eagles fan.

    I am still doing a lot of photoshop experimenting and this exercise was one where I eliminated hanging wires, scratches on doors, signs, and writing. Practice, practice, practice!

    Thank you for your comments. You are all so sweet!


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