Wednesday, October 20, 2010

update and autumn pics

The photographs further on in this post were taken this week from my front porch and back deck.

 Thank you all for your well wishes and expressions of concern.  X-rays last week reveal the bones in my arm/wrist are healing well. The pain has diminished, mobility is still a problem (e.g. put my back out trying to hook up my bra!).  However, the big question is ... can my marriage survive this handicap!!! 

The injury and  lack of mobility have put a strain on both dh and I, and on the relationship.  :-)
Here are a few things you could have heard at our place this week: 

  "Eeeek, don't wash the dirt off your shoe in the kitchen sink!" 

"What's the problem with eating beans and toast again tonight?" 

 "Yes, when you make a meal you do have to time things so that everything is ready at the same time!"

 "Yes, when you fold clothes and put them away, they should be completely dry!" 

"No, I don't want to play spa, blow dry your hair, or give you a manicure!'

 "No I don't think I should scratch inside the cast with a long, jagged, metal barbecue skewer!"

"How many jars have I opened for you this week?"

"Too bad you can't join me in savoring this superb bottle of wine, since you are on pain meds."

"I was sure you said that women dressed only in an arm cast turned you on!" 

"Are we having fun yet?"


  1. gorgeous pics...and i am not really i did not laugh...i would not do that to i think you will survive it though. glad to hear you are healing well...

  2. We're on the same page with autumn images, but at least I can turn the page without help. I hope everyone is helping out.

  3. The photos are lovely. I'm happy to hear it's better.

    Tell your DH he has it easy. Mine had to feed, turn out and muck the stalls of 25 horses, as well as do his own job!

    I decided the wine was worth more than the pain meds. : ) It will get much better as far as the pain goes. The itching is no fun. BTW, I didn't wear a bra during this time. I read something on someone's blog mocking a woman running, I think, in a pair of men's briefs cut out to form sort of a sports bra. It was a eureka moment for me-of-the-badly broken-wrist. It worked like a charm!

    Feel better soon Bonnie.

  4. So he's wearing that superb bottle of wine now, isn't he? ;)

    Glad to hear you're on the mend. It sure doesn't keep you from taking amazing photos. just beautiful!

  5. I'm glad the wrist is healing well. You pictures are beautiful.

  6. oh you poor dear!

    but your pictures are rapturous

    hope you knit together soon, Bonnie

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral


  7. (I don't know if my first comment "took" -- if it did, you don't have to post this one)

    I just laughed at your commentary, starting with the bra hook. It's amazing how we take our mobility for granted.

    I see in the quality of the photos your improved wrist comfort, at least I hope that's accurate. The one of the tree trunk with the graceful bow of leaves is so splendid.

    Here's to your healing wrist, your marriage, your photographs, and you getting back in the kitchen soon!

  8. Oh, that's priceless Bonnie!!! Glad you are healing well and on the mend. Love your fall beauty.

  9. Oh my! Your photos are amazing!! Love them all...don't you just love fall?
    And I am so sorry...but I had to laugh right out loud. Your conversations sound like something I would hear here!! LOL!!

  10. I enjoy the complementary colours of the leaves and the sunsets. Keep mending.

  11. Injuries are SO humbling...Being less than 100% is a right slow down! You have managed to get some amazing shots of the "yard" - BEEEOOOOOTIFULLL!

  12. OMG, hilarious! Especially the jagged BBQ skewer. A good sense of humor always helps the healing...if you don't kill your spouse first.

    Happy to hear you're on the mend! And still taking stunning photos.

  13. Hi Bonnie,
    As I was not able to follow blogs for sometime I was not aware of your injury. I am glad that you are seeing the funny side of it and still taking wonderful photos. Hope you will be better than before soon...My best wishes from here.

  14. At least you've kept your humor...casts are a pain!

  15. Always thought pain meds & wine went together... just kidding. Very funny comments!

  16. Glad you are feeling better. Somehow I missed the post about your fall and had to go back and read it. Ouch, indeed!

    Love the fall pictures, especially the ivy!


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