Monday, October 18, 2010

just when ...

Just when we are safest, there's a sunset touch,
A fancy from a flower-bell, someone's death,
A chorus-ending from Euripides,
And that's enough for fifty hopes and fears
As old and new at once as nature's self,
To rap and knock and enter in our soul.

~Robert Browning


  1. oh gorgeous shots....hope you are feeling better and healing up!

    Beautiful pictures blended with wonderful words. Together the wisdom abounds for anyone who has lived, survived, loved, lost, forgiven, been forgiven, surrendered, tried again.

    Love to you

  3. It's sobering to consider all those possibilities in one little verse.

    The flower is beautiful in both images, but I just can't resist the complementary colors of the first.

  4. Love! I hope you are healing and feeling better!

  5. Had never heard those particular lines from Robert Browning, but they might as well have been written about my life these last couple weeks...Very timely. Thank you.

  6. What a wonderful image Bonnie and an interesting quote.

  7. What beautiful photos!! And I too have never read those lines from Browning. Wow!

  8. oh wow bonnie those are beautiful. imagine in that tiny space - so much beauty! steven

  9. beauty amidst the pain and not so pretty of healing. Hope you are doing well and thinking of you!

  10. Such contrast between the natural photo and the one following.

    I hope you're feeling well.

  11. I love how the images match the verse - nice use of photoshop to capture the soul. We are on the same wavelength: I've been playing with settings on a bloom photo to illustrate a post for next week.

  12. Bonnie, I asked you a while back if you had moved into an SLR, but never went back to check your reply. And now I can't remember which post I left it on! So can I ask you again? These are glorious photos, as always. Obviously not of flowers currenly blooming in your Canadian garden, though! Hope you're managing OK with your (temporary) handicap.

  13. Bonnie, I jumped here from Lorenzo's,read his interview, stopped by your post on Life as encrypted message, and here I am.

    You are a study in Humanities!
    Love being so stimulated, so early in the morning!(still early where I am!)

    I just wrote a post on Memoirs and the piece on our lives as encrypted messages stopped me cold. I have to tip my hat to you, lovely woman in Canada.

    That was deep and well put!


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