Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hi!  Remember me?  Did you think I was lost?  Well, I have found my way back!  It's been a long time since I have posted anything but interviews here. 

Some of you have asked what made me initiate the series of interviews.  Well, I'm always interested in what makes people 'tick', to get to know more about people I admire, and hoped some of you might enjoy learning more too.  Blogging was also feeling a little stale to me and I was looking for something fresh, different and revitalizing to do here.  Hoped it would give me a bit of a break, but it was much more work than I anticipated.

When I initiated the features project I wondered who to choose for the interviews and scribbled down a few names.  It soon became clear as the list got longer and longer that I would be thrilled to interview and learn more about everyone on my blog scroll!  Unfortunately, there are just too many of you out there.  While I am now  feeling I need a break from setting up these posts about intriguing people, I will do more feature interviews like this in the near future.  There are so many of you fascinating bloggers who deserve to be showcased, so beware - I may be twisting your arm soon

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support of the series, and of the individual bloggers who so kindly agreed to 'expose' themselves here for you.  One, perhaps two more will be published in the next few days.


We have been looking after my middle daughter's Bernease Bouvier (dog), "Maya" while my daughter is vacationning in Italy.  We had our own golden retriever for many years, so looking after a big dog is not new to us.   Maya spends many a Sunday afternoon here with the whole family and always seems happy and comfortable while here.    However .......... 

On Saturday while playing a combination game of frisbee and hide-n-seek with Maya, she bolted and took off for parts unknown.  Perhaps she thought she could find her pack - my daughter and son-in-law.  Long story short, she was missing for over 30 hours and we were frantic.  We combed the streets in the area, posted LOST DOG! signs, and spent a rather sleepless night imagining her shivering, alone and exposed in the woods somewhere.  I don't know how many trips I made downstairs Saturday night hoping she would be waiting by the door.  She never appeared.  We lost our daughter's 'baby' and felt horrid.

Turns out she finally parked herself on someone's doorstep 2 miles away (no doubt when she was thirsty from all her galavanting), and the kind homeowner took her in and kept her until she found out where Maya belonged. 

We are spent, not only from all the searching, but from the worry about her, and the dread of perhaps having to tell our daughter we lost (or worse) her beloved canine companion.  All's well that ends well - but unpredictable Maya will not be let off the leash outside until she is safely returned to her pack!


Thought I would include a couple of recent photographs and two pieces of digital art produced since I last posted.  Enjoy!  

You looking at me?

Sometimes, I just get the urge to expose myself in some self-portraits!



  1. It doesn't seem to matter what you post or what you illustrate, dear Bonnie. You are a lightning rod, a catalyst, and now have demonstrated for many, many more your uniuqe ability to weave together souls and postings, mixed perfectly with your own good thoughts and perspectives. It is a true pleasure to know you, and to be "connected" to these good souls through you. Merci beaucoup. EFH

  2. Expat: When you say 'it doesn't matter what I post', are you really saying that you even like my drivel?

    Expat and I have a secret (well formerly secret now) agreement to say only wonderful things about each other, so I think you can take most of them with a grain of salt. :-)

    Pleasure to know you too dear Expat.

  3. I know well the sick feeling of having a lost dog. Fortunately for both of us we found them.

    Lovely photos as usual Bonnie.

  4. I enjoyed your series too, but its also good to "hear" your voice again. But oh my, my gut lurched when you posted about the dog. I couldn't help thinking the worst too. 30 hours is a lonnggg time when someone or something is missing. Glad Maya is okay :) Your artwork and photo are just lovely like always.

  5. Oh what a draining experience it must have been to lose Maya. Benny's extended pack members is a Bernease. They're lovely dogs. Beautiful photography, Bonnie. And cool "self-portrait." ;)

  6. I'm so glad you found Maya. for you, for your daughter.

    I've really enjoyed your interview feature but I understand how draining it can be. I think we all feel, at times, that our blogs have become a little stale. But still, I think our readership varies and so what may seem stale to us seems fresh and new to others.

  7. I know it's been exhausting for you, Bonnie, but the interviews have been a terrific series. Now that it's done, or at least almost done, you certainly deserve a rest.

    That is a frightening story about Maya. I simply cannot think of anything worse than losing my dog. Thanks be to the Universe and your neighbor that she has been found and is safe.

    Love the photos and the digital creations as well. Thanks again for you hard and selfless work on the interviews.

  8. I'm glad you found Maya. What a relief! It would be easier to lose your own dog.

    I love your nudes, especially the warmer one on the right. Very evocative!

  9. wow. gorgeous pics...how dreadful about the dig...bet you were worried sick...it was a lot of fun to be interviewed bonnie and i have thoroughly enjoyed meeting others through it...

  10. Sandra: Thank you. Have you ever had a horse escape?

  11. Vicky: Thanks for all your kind comments. Thirty hours is a terrible length of time. We were agonizing about what/how/when we would tell our daughter. But some very kind soul spared the dog and us that fate. Phew!

  12. Hilary. Thank you. :-) Yes, Bernease Bouviers are a gentle breed with a sweet temperment.

  13. ellen: Thank you for the good reminder!

  14. George: You are so welcome George. Thank you for your generosity. I can see how devoted you are to your dear Derry. When we lost our golden, Silken, I literally wailed in the shower for weeks. I'm still trying to settle my jangled nerves from the thought of the possible loss of my daughter's dog.

  15. Dan: Thanks re Maya. I'm glad you like the nudes. I did several other variations, a couple of which I want to feature on their own one day.

  16. Brian: It was fun for me too Brian - the interview - not the lost dog ... :-)

  17. Oh Bonnie I have SO been enjoying your interviews! All of them, intriguing. Thanks you!
    The scare about Maya had me holding my breath...so glad she was found, WHEW!
    Your photos are stunning as usual! Well done, Miss naked fairy!

  18. Whatever you post has the tang of Bonnie!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  19. Congratulations to you, Bonnie, on the series of interviews. I learned much and enjoyed them immensely, both as interviewee and reader-eaversdropper on the others. I got a glimpse of how much work it was for you, in the light of which the enthusiasm you dedicated to the project is even more appreciate.

    And congratulations to Maya on her resounding victory in your neighborhood hide-and-seek competition.

    It reminds me of a town near where I live that has a museum of sorts in the basement of the church. One of the items on display is a mummy from I forget what century. Apparently there is a local resident who is fond of putting a homemade sign next to the display case that reads "Winner of the hide-and-seek contest of 342 B.C.". The priest dutifully removes the sign, but it keeps reappearing.

    I am glad that Maya has survived to brag about her victory.

  20. For a moment, when your pic popped up in my sidebar, I thought your latest interview had been with a dog! [Probably would have talked a lot more sense than us lot ;)] Glad you found your dog.

  21. Glad you found Maya safe and sound.

    Oh, and thanks for the...uhhh...self portraits...Jeez, you're gonna get me in trouble - I'm on the school's network here!

  22. OMG! I would have been fit to be tied! I am so glad you found your daughter's beautiful Maya. You can see her spirit in her eyes. I would have cried if this didn't have a happy ending. Your photography is gorgeous and I love the self portraits.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  23. As much as I’ve enjoyed your interviews, it’s nice to catch up with you too. Maya is gorgeous! How scary to lose her, but I’m glad for the happy ending. Perhaps the interviews would be easier if you asked fewer questions and only posted them weekly or monthly. The questions that are personalized to the blogger were more interesting than the repeat ones. Still, it's nice to see you connecting the community.

  24. Maya looks precious, and what a relief to get to the end of the story. Phew.

    That, on top of your spent-ness with the interviews, holy cow. I hope you realize how worth it your interviews are to me, and I think to all your readers. Your heart has really gone out here, and it just means the world to me. But I am so glad to see something about YOU today!

    OK, I confess I'm bemused by the self-portraits. I mean, are they, really? They could be. You're beautiful. :)


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