Thursday, October 28, 2010

digitally manipulated photograph

Below is an image photographed a few months ago in Old Montreal.  These old buildings have clearly been renovated - but in line with strict municipal codes that protect them from being demolished for new development and decree they must be restored to match their original design, and replicate as much as possible the original materials.

It was a dark day, rain threatening to fall at any moment when the photograph was snapped.  I have not edited the photograph below to adjust the lighting.  Notice the unique stone wall and iron gate between the two buildings.

Below is a closer view of the wall and gate.

Of course, I could not resist the temptation to digitally manipulate my photographs (fortunately there are no municipal codes interdicting such wanton adjustments to historical monuments ... yet), and you will see three different editings of the first photograph in this post.  I used textures, filters and a variety of blending modes to make them look like paintings.

I'd love to hear what you think.

Now, please enjoy this little poem about an old stone house:

The Old Stone House

Nothing on the grey roof, nothing on the brown,

Only a little greening where the rain drips down;

Nobody at the window, nobody at the door,

Only a little hollow which a foot once wore;

But still I tread on tiptoe, still tiptoe on I go,

Past nettles, porch, and weedy well, for oh, I know

A friendless face is peering, and a still clear eye

Peeps closely through the casement

as my step goes by.

~Walter de la Mare

(Please excuse the quirks in alignment and spacing in this post.  It looks right in the 'Preview', but once posted it is jumping around and not co-operating with me at all!)


  1. love old stone work...and the first manipulation is my it....nice verse too though now i feel like i am being watched...smiles.

  2. art all, Bonnie-
    my fave is the big gate and stone wall.

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral


  3. I love, love, love all three of your naughty manipulations. They're marvelous. I think I'd rank them with 2 as my favorite, followed by 1 and then 3, but it's a close decision between one and two.

  4. The results of your digital manipulation were really striking. When I saw the first one my first fleeting reaction was that I was looking at a Maurice Pendergast painting. Very nice. I am partial to number 1 of the three, but perhaps that is because it is the one I saw first.

  5. This makes me very happy. I just love stonework in buildings, and to know there is code in Montréal that ensures that old buildings will be restored in the closest manner to their origins as possible is gratifying. That stone wall is gorgeous. I like your first post processed image the best of those three. But my favorite is the photo of the stone wall by itself.

    The verse is a little eerieeeee . . .and on I go . . .

  6. Very interesting images, especially those that are digitally manipulated to resemble a photograph. Of these three, I like one and three the best, with three being my favorite because of the values distribution. I also like the charming poem by Walter de la Mare.

  7. I'm more interested in knowing about that stone wall. Is it the original wall that was bricked over later or was it built that was intentionally? And if so by who and why?

  8. You always make me miss my home city. I love what you did with the photo. You're so creative.

  9. I am glad to see you are having fun in spite of a broken wrist.
    Carry on regardless, dear Bonnie.

    I like the first manipulation best.
    The original isn't bad either.

  10. Fascinating progression through the pictures. I wonder if the "old: stones were originally on the sight. And I love the poem too. So apt for the time of year.

  11. You know Bonnie, I bet those stones are from the same Quarry as other buildings in the area. Some masonry was identifiable by persons with geological mind and practice could probably tell you what Quarry they came from.

    And my alignment and spashing is off too. Like some E-bill fox dyed and came back as an willy wild cantankerous chip monk wreakinh gaboc with my spacing

  12. Love old buildings with bricks and stories...and love how we can manipulate a photograph to appear old. Your photos are like dreamy paintings. The poem added that extra bit of paint to complete the art piece.

  13. Something about that first one strikes me too - I think because I see the ghost of a tree between the buildings...

    lovely digital art, Bonnie.

  14. I am completely in love with the soc... I was in Old Montreal last Christmas ... it's so charming and wonderful. ( I was born in Montreal, and one of m daughters goes to McGill ).
    I like the processing on the first one , so rich.

  15. Your last photo reminds me of a really old postcard. I like the different changes you made! The poem is quite cute!


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